2021 Dunhuang home textile industry trend and heat analysis

The European and American markets as the main input areas of domestic home textile products, home textile products consumption is huge, home textile products in the European and American consumer concept is fast-moving consumer goods, such products have a short use cycle, high repurchase rate. From the current market feedback, it can be seen that the European and American home textile market is hot, on the one hand, due to the impact of the epidemic, the people’s frequent replacement of bedding, and the increase in demand for disposable bedding in hospitals; On the other hand, thanks to the complete industrial chain, supply chain system and strong supply capacity of the domestic textile industry, it has effectively made up for the supply chain gap in the home textile industry caused by the epidemic. On the Dunhuang.com platform, home textile products have gradually entered a period of rapid growth in the past two years, and the sales volume of home textile supplies in 2020 will increase by more than 50% compared with 2019, and the online sales scale of home textile products will continue to expand due to the continuous impact of the global epidemic.

In 2020, the rapid growth trend of home textile products began to appear in Q2, especially after September, due to seasonal reasons, the demand for home textiles from European and American buyers soared.

At present, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and other European and American countries for home textile products demand is large, of which the United States based on its own family consumption habits, epidemic, season and other comprehensive reasons, the demand for home textiles is more obvious, according to Google trends trend analysis, 2020 so far, the US market, blanket related searches in May ushered in the peak, and in the subsequent period of continued to maintain a high level, and in November, the curve ushered in a second rebound, expected, In this year-end peak season, curtains and blankets may usher in explosive growth.

1. Blanket: flannel blanket + knitted blanket

2. Sofa cushion cover: plush + sequins

3. Carpet: fashion living room cashmere blanket + prayer blanket

4. Towel: solid color + striped checker

Dunhuang.com home textile category release path:

Dunhuang.com home textile category, rapid growth, buyer market all over the world, procurement rules, high repurchase rate, welcome more high-quality merchants to enter the Dunhuang.com home textile category, category new product support is strong, can quickly obtain a stable customer source, is one of the high-quality categories of cross-border e-commerce. Join us to create more cross-border e-commerce opportunities.

In addition to the head image, the picture in this article comes from the Dunhuang.com platform, and the data source is the data of the home textile category of the Dunhuang.com platform from January to November 2020.

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