The “cigarette fishing rod” imported from Japan can easily catch 8 pounds of crucian carp, which is a big toy for boys

I often hear a question from girls: Why do you boys like fishing so much?

Isn’t it boring to spend a whole day fishing on a sweltering lake during the day?

Aren’t you tired of squatting by the river in the wild all night?

Not boring and not tired.

Men like fishing, not to eat fish, but the process is very happy, interesting, very meaningful, can enhance people’s spiritual realm.

Fishing does not distinguish between expensive and cheap, as long as the technique is good, it is admirable, and catching fish is king.

Fishing also releases stress and develops patience and perseverance.

The boy who likes fishing in life is both gentle and wild to challenge himself, and is very attractive.

How can a man who loves fishing not have a good fishing rod? Compared with luxury cars and mobile phones, fishing rods are big toys in the true sense of men.

However, the fishing rods on the market are mixed, and many anglers say that it is more difficult to pick a fishing rod than to pick a daughter-in-law.

Indeed, some fishing rods are easy to break, some have low load-bearing capacity, some are “top-heavy”, some are ultra-low-value, etc., resulting in a very poor fishing experience.

There are also many fishing rods, good or good, but they are more expensive, one for six or seven hundred.

Here I recommend a very cost-effective fishing rod – Kawaki Autumn Crucian Crucian imported from Japan.

Many anglers should understand that Japan is the best country in the world to make fishing rods, paying attention to the fineness of fishing rods, and polishing the details like works of art.

In Japan, a fishing rod designer who has only worked on this business for the rest of his life can be said to have exhausted his life’s work.

As one of the top ten brands in the fishing gear industry, Chuanji is full of sincerity from design to craftsmanship.

A vivid “color of forgiveness”

The shaft is as slender as a cigarette

Although the green color is intriguing, I have to admit that the paint of the Kawaki fishing rod is really beautiful, and there is no burr to the touch.

Compared to most black rods on the market, it is very fresh.

It blends in with the outdoor flowers and trees, making it pleasing to the eye and watching while waiting for the fish.

In general, the thicker the rod, the heavier. If the arm strength is not good, then the back fish will be affected. After fishing for a long time, the whole person will also be very tired.

Chuanji uses high-tech concentrated essence with a carbon content of 99.9%. The rod is made to be the size of a Chinese cigarette, but light, tough and upright.

The 3.6m model weighs only 65g, which is about the same as an egg.

Even the 5.4m model weighs only 140g, which is equivalent to a Colgate 360 Cleansing toothpaste.

37 bias 28 tone comprehensive rod

You can catch 8 pounds of crucian carp

Generally speaking, a fishing rod with 19 tones is too hard and easy to break; The rod above 46 tones is too soft, the speed of lifting fish is slow, and the basic operation of novices cannot come.

Chuanji is the most classic 28 tunes, which belong to hard-tuned fishing rods, which can be broad on the top and small on the bottom. Good flexibility and fast fish picking.

And in order to reduce the chance of the rod breaking, Chuanji’s 28-tone fishing rod is actually biased towards 37 tune, in fact, it is a “33-tuned” comprehensive fishing rod, which can catch crucian carp, carp, big black blue, grass carp, etc.

The center of gravity of the Jichuan 28 fishing rod is behind, so you will not feel tired after fishing for 12 hours continuously.

And the waist strength is amazing, easy to control the fish, pulling crucian carp is a good batch.

Although small, the strength of the Kawaki fishing rod is amazing.

With a bearing capacity of 8.9 pounds, the crucian carp that pulls large strips is more than enough, which is enough for daily wild fishing.

Dead in the details

High appearance and refreshing fishing are the two biggest highlights of Sichuanji fishing rods.

In addition, the following details are also touching, fully embodying the craftsmanship of Japanese designers, and I am admired.

360° rotatable rod

It is a very common operation to entangle the fishing rod and the fishing line in fishing, and sometimes it is difficult to sort it out and the head is large.

The Chuanji fishing rod is slightly designed with a 360° rotatable universal rotation ring, free throwing rod, not only all-round force, no matter how the rod turns, the fishing line will not be entangled, saving a lot of trouble.

Sweat-absorbing anti-slip “gourd handle”

Chuanji’s handle is designed in the shape of a gourd, which fits the size of an adult man’s palm curved, and it feels full to hold.

The handle is a woven material, which has a non-slip effect, and when it touches water, pulling an 8-kilogram crucian carp hand will not slip, and it is easy to carry the big fish home.

Anti-lock slot, no jam

Generally, only high-end fishing rods of more than 800 yuan have the function of anti-lock trough, but Chuanji of more than 100 yuan has also done it.

It has a very large effect and can minimize the locking of the rod without jamming.

It can also ensure the balance of force after hitting the fish and reduce the damage to the pole.

In general, Chuanji’s fishing rod is very worthy of fishing friends, with high appearance, strong strength, and low price.

Click the card below to get a 50 yuan coupon, the 3.6-meter model is only 130 yuan, and the 5.4-meter model is only 210 yuan!

It is much more cost-effective than Guangwei, Handing, and Black Texture, and can be used for at least 5 years!

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Sichuan Ji fishing rod top ten brand gourd imported from Japan carbon 37 to 28 adjust ultra-light fine crucian carp rod



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