Should the lid be covered for frying Chinese medicine? Do I have to use a casserole to fry Chinese medicine?

Should the lid be covered for frying Chinese medicine?

To cover the lid, Chinese medicine can be boiled well, and water vapor can quickly suffocate Chinese medicine.

1. Generally speaking, Chinese medicine slices need to be thoroughly boiled by adding a lid when boiling the medicine, and the active ingredients can be fully dissolved. Especially when boiling contains ingredients that can volatilize with water vapor, such as mint, patchouli, etc., it is more necessary to cover and boil. In this way, the water vapor containing the volatile components of the drug can be agglutinated in the lid and condensed into water droplets and dripping back into the medicine jar to reduce the loss of active ingredients.

2. As for Chinese medicines with loose texture and a certain volume, such as mulberry leaves, chrysanthemums, etc., because the liquid is easy to overflow during the boiling process, there is no need to cover and boil, and pay attention to stirring more so that the medicinal materials can be evenly boiled.

3. After opening the pot, there is no need to cover, as long as it is not a highly volatile drug, no cover. There is not much difference between adding a lid and not adding a lid, as you said that the water boils faster after adding a lid, but the time required for boiling Chinese medicine is mostly the time to continue boiling after the water is boiled. On the period of time to continue to simmer.

4. Generally, add cold water to spread over the medicinal surface, soak and then decoct, the active ingredients are easy to fry out. Generally, it can be soaked for about 30 minutes, but it should also be treated separately according to the weight of the texture of the medicinal herb itself and the difference in season and temperature. Flowers, grasses and leaves can be soaked for 20 minutes; Rhizotrons, seeds, fruits, ores, crustacean medicinal herbs should be soaked for 30~60 minutes. In short, subject to the immersion of medicinal herbs.

Do I have to use a casserole to fry Chinese medicine?

The casserole is the best utensil, it has a heat preservation effect and heats up quickly.

1. The chemical properties of casseroles and crockpots are stable, the heat is uniform, the heat transfer is slow, and the water is not easy to evaporate when decocting. Fast heat transfer, slow heat dissipation, strong heat preservation ability, generally casserole after 5 to 10 minutes of turning off the heat, the food in the pot can still maintain close to boiling heat. The casserole can transfer external heat energy to the internal raw materials in a balanced and lasting manner, and the relatively balanced ambient temperature is conducive to the mutual penetration of water molecules and food, which can maximize the release of food taste. Suitable for simmering over low heat.

2. TCM experts remind everyone to pay special attention to the fact that iron pots and copper pots must not be used to fry medicine. Because iron and copper are active elements, they are prone to react with various chemical components in Chinese medicine, resulting in toxic side effects.

3. For thousands of years, folk people have used casseroles, crockpots, pottery, and enamel utensils to boil themselves at home. Self-decocting Chinese medicine can determine the decoction time, soaking time, and water consumption of one frying and two frying according to the characteristics of different drug components in each prescription, so as to ensure the maximum proportion of frying of active ingredients and prevent the loss of ingredients caused by accidental frying.

4. The traditional pottery pot and casserole pot inner wall is rough, porous and textured, easy to absorb various drug ingredients and cross the smell, difficult to clean, easy to stick to the residue, more troublesome is to make the drug heated evenly, prevent sticky ingredients sticking to the bottom of the pot, the decoction process generally needs to be stirred, so there must be a special person to supervise, otherwise it is easy to spill the liquid of medicine, burnt paste, cracks if you are not careful.

5. The use of casserole to decoct medicine is because its properties are stable, not easy to react chemically with drugs, in addition, it is slow heat transfer, uniform heating, not easy to paste the pan, and the price is cheap, so the choice of casserole is the most convenient and practical. “Rice soup porridge is boiled in a calm casserole, and the water and rice are blended, and the color is golden and the aroma is rich.

Precautions for decocting Chinese medicine

1. The general decoction time and method is: the dry medicine that has just arrived is soaked in water for about 10 minutes, and then boiled and fried for 15 minutes, and fried for 15 minutes on a simmer.

2, a pair of medicine also has a special frying of individual drugs, first frying, then down, is how toxic, or volatile drugs can reduce toxicity, can cause drinking of irritating drugs to take frying, ejiao needs flowers, these special frying as long as you do it according to the doctor’s advice.

3. Finally, the decoction of Chinese medicine is fried once, drunk once, or a pair of medicine fried 2-3 times, and then mix the 2-3 times of decoction of the medicine together, divided into 2-3 times. Personally, I advocate that it is still fried once and drunk once.

4. The so-called simmer is a small fire, try to use fine and soft firewood, such as sawdust, sprinkle a handful of wooden sawdust, other fine soft firewood is also a reason, cover the big fire, slowly simmer the soup.

5. Grass head prescription can cure big diseases, don’t underestimate these herbs, Tu Youyou’s artemisinin extracted from medicinal herbs won the Nobel Prize. The side effects of traditional Chinese medicine with slow effect are also small, as long as you insist on taking the medicine, it can cure many diseases that cannot be treated by Western medicine.

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