Tianyue waterproof functional shoes, a new choice for leisure

When I have a break, I like to go to the lake, the mountains, or go for a walk in the park, and now when buying shoes, in addition to matching with daily wear, the most important thing is convenience and comfort.

The impression of outdoor shoes are very bulky, the first feeling of this pair is lightweight, it is based on trail running shoes for improved design, full of functional style, but looks more restrained, so whether with sports, leisure, or benxi, it is very suitable.

The contrast of the main color of black can make it look more vibrant in spring and summer.

Where is the technology of this pair of Tianyue waterproof outdoor shoes? One of my favorite black technologies is its AIO fit waterproof technology upper ~ AIO=All in One, is one-piece, because ordinary hiking shoes say waterproof, but the waterproof layer is an independent structure, and there is actually a gap between the upper, after a long time in contact with water, the upper will also enter the water, the waterproof layer and the upper will also remain moisture, can not be discharged, the shoe will become more and more heavy, and will feel stuffy… However, the waterproof layer of AIO fit waterproof technology is closely integrated with the upper of the shoe, and the rain is dry for a long time, so there is no longer a worry about the shoe entering the water.

The Vibram outsole is used to feel safe on slippery surfaces, and the toe cap and heel are reinforced to protect the toes if accidentally kicked. There are many stone roads to go to the ancient town, and I feel that the bottom is soft and hard when I wear it.

In addition, I also like the feeling of this pair of shoes on the foot very much, the rebound of the shoe soles is comfortable, the wrapping is very good but it is particularly light, how to say, there is a feeling of light bouncing like running shoes ~ Weekday leisure travel is not tired of feet. Because the usual leisure and entertainment activities are not too intense, this pair of Tianyue waterproof functional shoes is enough to meet the needs of use, and you can also go hiking in the nearby mountains.

Moreover, the appearance of this shoe is also good, as we all know, most of the outdoor shoes only focus on function, the appearance is more speechless, or exaggerated to the usual can not wear out, this pair is more suitable, contrast bold, but daily wear is not exaggerated, recommended index five stars.

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