How to wear short cotton clothes to look good? These 8 sets of inner wear demonstrations can easily concave even small people

The weather is slowly getting colder, are the little padded jackets of all the little fairies ready? Although short cotton clothing is fashionable and versatile, it also requires skills to match just right, so today I will share these 8 sets of inner wear demonstrations, so that small people can easily concave shapes!

1. Fresh blue short cotton clothing + black knitted skirt + preppy style small leather shoes

The short down jacket is really good to wear and match, warm, like wrapped in a small quilt on the body, the fake two-piece knitted dress and gray leggings inside, which can ensure both elegant temperament and keep warm and cold, careful belt design, very girly age-reducing atmosphere, stepping on small leather shoes, simple but people can’t help but like ~~

2. Light green short cotton jacket + white sweater + Harlan cropped pants + small white shoes

A short cotton coat that fell in love at first sight, pink and tender color has always been a good helper for reducing age, the undershirt inside, the neckline and cuffs with wooden ears, more playful novelty, wearing Harlan cropped pants, tightening the waist, raising the waist line, stretching the leg shape, knocking to show thinness, very suitable for petite girls, the overall look light and energetic, beautiful ~

3. Pink short cotton jacket + knitted skirt + hook-and-button student board shoes

Little fairies generally like pink and tender short cotton clothes, plus some cute bows, more cute and playful, with sweater skirts and leggings, fashionable and decorative, and then step on a pair of hook-and-button student board shoes, back a small square bag, daily street easy to stand out ~~

4. Ginger short cotton jacket + white sweater + high-waist plaid pants + wool shoes

Short bread clothes, look very slim three-dimensional, ginger color matching, very lined skin tone, with a slim white turtleneck sweater, wind and warmth, the bottom wears woolen plaid pants, raise the waistline, put cool and handsome into the world of women, fashionable retro and age-reducing.

5. White short cotton clothing + white sweater + slim leg pants + canvas shoes

The short cotton jacket on the plush lapels, smooth and soft, loose large silhouette, lined the girl’s petite figure, matching the same color turtleneck sweater, side slit small design, revealing a little sexy taste, wearing jeans and canvas shoes, simple and capable, modify the curve of the body, set off two long legs.

6. Green short cotton jacket + black sweater + black leggings + vintage Martin boots

Regular short cotton clothing that does not pick people, the hem of the bodice has a drawstring design, decorative or cold can be pulled down tightly, matching black sweater and black small leg pants, black is originally thin, warm and comfortable while showing the figure, stepping on a Martin boots, let the small you, fashionable through the winter.

7. Green short cotton jacket + turtleneck sweater + knitted skirt + pointed single boots

The short down jacket keeps warm but does not drag out, looks good and versatile, and shows the length of the legs, especially suitable for petite and cute girls. Layered over a cropped sweater, it sets off the perfect proportions. High-rise split knit skirt, warm and elegant, with pointed boots that maximise the release of your long legs.

8. Black short cotton clothing + apricot sweater + black wide-leg pants + small white shoes

Simple and atmospheric short cotton clothing, thickened cotton high neck design, windproof and warm, with apricot split knit, very foreign personality, hem button design, fashionable eye-catching, with black wide-leg pants, fresh and good-looking, many little fairies prefer this style of dressing.

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