Wear a good temperament! Fat and linen tops can be easily controlled all year round

Seeing such a color plus fat and cotton and linen top, there is a wood has a very heartwarming, the following several fat plus cotton and linen tops, there is wood has a very cool and transparent feeling!

This top has an elasticated waistband for easy onning and taking off. Tie trim at the waist for a playful touch. The design of the elasticated waist does not pick the figure, easily creating a casual style.

T55 Spring New 2019 Large Size Women’s Fat Plus Fat Up Fat MM Elastic Waist Cotton and Linen Button Top 6186

This T-shirt has a classic crewneck that flatters the neck line. The body is decorated with a contrast print pattern, enriching the overall sense of layering, but also adding a bit of fashion, showing the feminine charm.

Large size women’s cotton and linen top 2018 autumn new fat plus 200 pounds fat mm long sleeve T-shirt women’s mid-length model

This top has a loose fit that feels comfortable on the bodice. The body is decorated with a contrast print pattern, enriching the overall layering of the look. Made of cotton and linen, the texture is soft and skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable.


This shirt has an irregular hem design that perfectly defines the proportions of the figure. The loose-fit fit is inclusive of the figure, and the upper body looks thin and tall. The pockets on both sides of the bodice are beautiful and practical.

Cotton and linen shirt women’s spring Korean version loose casual irregular top plus fat plus undershirt mid-length shirt

This T-shirt features a colorful striped design that breaks the monotony. Loose bat sleeve fit cut for good flesh concealment. The body is decorated with contrasting horizontal stripes, rich in visual layering, showing the small fresh temperament of literature and art.

Color striped cotton linen T-shirt women’s summer 2019 new loose 200 pounds literary and artistic fat plus bat sleeve top

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