It’s so easy to make beef jerky yourself! A simple secret recipe for boiling bull scorpions

Life itself is interesting, maybe you need to be healed.

Dad loves meat, and after cooking a large pot of porridge, eating stir-fry can no longer satisfy him. The next day, the life of boiling bull scorpions began, and his mother asked him to buy three pounds of beef by the way. Because there is not so much beef in the pot, I want to make beef jerky, and when there was no oven before, I would dry the marinated beef and fry it myself. I’m going to bake it now, and it’s the first time I’m trying it.

1. Cut the beef into even strips, as evenly as possible, because the roast is a degree, so that small pieces will not be burned.

2. Cook in a pot under cold water, skim off the foam after boiling, and fish out for later use.

3. Put a little oil in the pan, such as peppercorns and star anise, then pour the cooked beef strips into the stir-fry. Add a little cooking wine, a little dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, a spoonful of sugar, MSG, chicken essence, stir-fry for two minutes, see that the color is good, and serve. (You can add some salt, you can also season with soy sauce, I didn’t make it too salty, I felt that the meat itself was very fragrant)

4. Prepare the oven, put the paper for roasting meat, spread a layer of chili noodles and cumin noodles on the bottom, put the meat, about this, and put another layer of chili noodles and cumin noodles.

5. Put it in the oven for 180-200 and bake for 30 minutes, at this time the small pieces are almost good, the large pieces are turned over, and then ten minutes are good, and it looks like this after baking.

It’s still not evenly cut, but it’s so fragrant, life can be so happy. A plate of three for our family of three was finished in a while.

With the smallest oven, this plate used a pound and a half of beef, roasted so much, fragrant, delicious and clean.

Dad won’t be satisfied with eating beef jerky alone, the scorpion mall? It’s even easier!

You need a whole bunch of beef bones, scorpions, steaks and all kinds of detoaching things, ginger slices, cooking wine, green onion leaves, put them in a pot and blanch them, and fish out these detoxifying things after the water boils.

Dangdang, to open and hang, because their own seasoning spiciness and taste are indeed a little lacking. Because of the mistake of using two bags of bought seasonings, one bag is the grassland red sun’s butter spicy hot pot base, and the other bag is the common braised pork seasoning, which is too beautiful to match. These two are put into the pot, plus the meat bones that were just ungluttonous, you just stew it, add some salt, nothing else is needed, if there is cinnamon, useless green onion leaves can be put in, it is so fragrant that the community security guards are hungry and crying. It looks like this when cooked. It is good to cook for up to two hours, and the beef tendons in it can also be cooked thoroughly, these beef bones are tendons and are particularly fragrant.

I can’t shoot its allure and aroma, and I will see it, but it is more satisfying than hot pot, because the saltiness is enough, and I can eat it directly without any dipping.

While eating, my father said that this little day is too happy, he simply loves to eat meat, which seriously raises the consumption level of my family.

Food in life can really heal people’s hearts, we can not eat too much messy takeaway, if you are upset and don’t know what to do, please come to a pot of beef bones. It’s only two hours, maybe the mood will be better? Find three or two friends, talk while eating, rest assured, the above are my tested dishes, it will not be delicious, rest assured to invite friends to eat, or stew a pot for dad, can drink more wine!

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