How to choose an autumn “coat”? These 3 types of fit are beautiful when worn correctly, come and copy the homework

Coats are always one of the favorite items for mature women in autumn and winter, but you must not wear them indiscriminately. The overall effect is not right if the fit is not right, so don’t wear it if you don’t understand the fit.

I will introduce you to three common coat shapes, carefully selected among these three versions according to your body and desired temperament, which will make our coat wear a higher level.

1. O-shaped coat

O-shaped coat can also be called a silhouette coat, that is, from the chest to the thighs this section is widened, presenting a simple O-shape, this type of coat has obvious advantages and a stronger sense of space.

Leaving a lot of leeway for the choice of underwear, mature women can try to match some warm underwear inside the coat as much as possible, it can be said that this coat fit can be both warm and fashionable, and it is an indispensable coat in autumn and winter.

Silhouette coats should be worn with special care, and the structured fit will look a little bloated if worn at a glance, so casually draping it over is the best choice.

Just like the dressing method in the picture, choose some warmer items inside, and casually and naturally draped the silhouette coat over the shoulders, showing the confident and handsome side of mature women.

The presence of the O-shaped coat in the overall matching is relatively strong, so her color choice is very important, for women who want to reduce their age, you can choose some elegant bright colors.

If your personal temperament is more elegant and gentle, or you want to show a certain aura, then beige or gray is a more perfect choice.

2. Straight coat

A slightly slimmer straight-leg coat, the straight-leg coat is not so handsome and casual compared to the silhouette coat. More suitable for women who love a sense of sophistication, the straight coat, every stitch and thread must be cut without error, perfectly fit the curves of our body, showing the delicate and high-end sense of mature women.

How to distinguish between a straight coat and a silhouette coat? The easiest way to distinguish is the shoulders, and the shoulder line of the general silhouette coat is relatively loose, and it will adopt a dropped shoulder design.

In this way, our overall matching can be more casual, while the straight coat is the opposite, paying more attention to the highlight of the shoulder line, and will use shoulder pads or just the right shoulder line, through the shoulders to determine the whole matching shape.

In the matching, the straight coat will be more slim than the silhouette coat, so it is more suitable for thin women, and it is not appropriate to choose those too bloated items when choosing underwear, and some slim knitwear can be matched in the straight coat.

3. X-shaped coat

As the name suggests, the biggest feature of the X-shaped coat is to highlight the position and line of the waist, through the highlighting of the line, showing the perfect body proportions, it can be said that it is more friendly to the pear-shaped body or apple-shaped body.

This type of coat is generally loose on the upper body and lower body, so that even slightly fat girls can easily outline the waistline, and the lower body presents the feeling of skirt, so that you can not lose the romantic atmosphere in late autumn.

Most mature women will establish when choosing to wear, highlighting their temperament and style, and no longer obsessed with the brightness of the match.

Therefore, compared to their own matching waist, the belt that comes with the coat is more in line with their preferences, which can highlight the proportion of the body without looking too pompous.

X-shaped coats are more versatile, and they are very tolerant of different bodies and different underwear, so when you don’t know how to choose a coat, an X-shaped coat is your best pick.

The shape of the coat should choose the fit that suits you according to your temperament and figure, so that you can easily stand out.

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