What should I do if I don’t know how to wear it in winter? Try these “woolen coats” to keep warm and advanced

Among the many fashion items, I prefer the warm and gentle tweed jacket, its texture is thick, not only the warmth performance is excellent, but also very elegant and atmospheric, really beautiful, today let’s take a look at the 4 fashionable styles, chic and noble, the sense of foreign is really bursting, if you are interested, continue to read!

No.1: Cream blue coat

The first thing to introduce you is a milky blue coat, this color is very refreshing, will reflect your skin tone very fair, as the lightest color, it will allow you to easily show a sense of premium, deeply loved by young women, for middle-aged eyebrows is also worth choosing a color, will not give people the suspicion of deliberately dressing up.

Milk blue in the recent heat is very high, is light blue into a little milky white to form a color, so it looks very girly, worth your purchase, this tweed jacket texture thick, cut neat and unique, different from ordinary woolen coat, fashionable has been greatly improved.

This tweed jacket not only has a folded design at the neckline, but also cleverly incorporates a hat, which greatly enhances its plasticity, when you feel that the weather is cold, as long as the hat is pulled up to keep warm, but also add a bit of cute and playful youth.

When matching with cream blue, gray and white are the best choice, because the former looks closer to it, while the latter is the freshest color, which will play a good harmonizing effect, for women with a weak sense of dressing, as long as you remember this, you can easily cope with many situations.

No.2: Pale pink coat

The second coat introduced to you is this pale pink tweed coat, it is very light, looks soft, is a color that can be chosen no matter what age, don’t think it is a patent for young girls, in fact, as long as your skin color is fair, you can try it completely, and the effect will be great.

This tweed jacket is also designed in a unique way, it has a high neck design that will cover the neck well, and the buttons set on the left shoulder to enhance the overall look, and also create an asymmetrical beauty, making the solid tweed jacket instantly extraordinary.

If you want to create a casual and lazy beauty, then you can completely integrate into the open wearing method, which will expose the inner layer, which looks very elegant, the blogger paired with a white sweater cardigan, which uses a V-neck cut, which has a good modification effect on the face shape and neck line, which is very suitable for small round faces.

The bottom with a white skirt will cover the leg line well, but also inject a sense of flexible breathing, feminine, the only drawback is that it will show a piece of calf skin, if you are afraid of cold, then wear pants, shoes can be paired with a pair of loafers, which can show the retro temperament very well.

No.3: Earth-colored coat

The third tweed coat introduced to you is this earthy coat, this color is the best choice for mature women, because it is very white, will reflect your skin tone fairer, and the woolen texture will be a perfect fit, its length to the thighs, just enough to cover part of the body curves, play a thin role.

In order to enhance the warmth, the blogger paired it with a white turtleneck sweater, this sweater has a very thick texture, the turtleneck cut will well define the neck skin, and will also play a good warmth effect, which can effectively prevent the cold wind from penetrating.

When matching bottoms, you can learn from the blogger’s style and choose a pair of denim cropped pants, which will expose the ankles, thus creating a refreshing and clean temperament, for sisters who are afraid of cold, you only need to match a pair of small booties to be well modified.

No.4: Gray coat

The fourth coat introduced to you is this gray tweed coat, which can be said to be one of the most classic styles, this color belongs to the basic color after all, it is difficult to step on the thunder by mistake, for sisters who feel that the black and white color scheme is too light, this is a good choice.

Insides and bottoms can be worn in the same gray piece, which will play a role in extending the visual effect, and can also greatly improve the overall coordination, making you more gentle and feminine.

These 4 high-end tweed jackets are all styles that everyone can start with, and if you like it in front of the screen, you can try it with confidence, and there is no pressure to wear it at all.

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