Underwear over panties? This newly launched denim shorts was complained by netizens: Is it a diaper?

Jeans are arguably the best match and one of the fashion items that looks good no matter how you wear them. Over the years, designers and brands have tried their best to make a fuss about jeans.

The French brand “Y/Project” is already well-known for avant-garde design, and the unique design of their clothing is even popular with celebrities, but the recently launched new “Navy Denim Panties” (navy denim shorts) has been complained by many netizens: This is design


Is it?

“Y/Project” uses denim to break the mold design and is a favorite of many celebrities

For example, Rihanna is a lover of their family, and this pair of “denim boots” really can’t hold up without aura

Y/Project’s latest masterpiece is this denim shorts

A unique cut reminiscent of a high-slit swimsuit

And not only the front, but also the back can save money, only cover half of the hips of the sexy design, feel that the summer season outside the summer will wear out the butt will be particularly cool (● ́ω’●)ゞ

There is a bold style of wearing underwear, which is really not something that can be worn out on ordinary occasions.

If you add a jacket to the upper body, it can highlight the long legs that are completely exposed, but it also has the feeling of wearing only underwear.

Although there is so little cloth, the price is not very cheap… These denim shorts are available exclusively at SSENSE for $315 (about 2,113 RMB).

If the price is not considered, will everyone buy this new shorts?

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