The Internet Festival actress coffee show is here: Song Qian is high determination to press Yang Mi, and Zhang Xiaofei’s black gold dress is too amazing

The annual event of the online audiovisual festival is finally here! The event brings together many popular stars and wonderful stage performances. In addition, the dress competition between the stars is also one of the highlights.

Actress Yang Mi posted hard photos of her styling earlier, and she often overturned her car because of her dress before, and this time her choice of outfit naturally became the focus of fans’ concerns. Judging from the photo, she chose a pure white bandeau trailing long dress. On the surface, this dress is not too surprising and slightly plain.

If you look closely, you will see that this dress is divided into three parts, including a bandeau, gloves and a long dress, which is a split design. The looming small man’s waist is very exotic, and it can also just show Yang Mi’s good figure. The matching dress gloves add elegance and enhance the style of the entire dress.

To avoid the monotony of the color, the skirt is covered with snowflake decorations embroidered with beads, all handmade. The ruffled design of the long skirt makes the skirt light and stretchy, and it is visually more three-dimensional. Paired with big-name jewelry, this one is luxurious.

On top of that, this dress comes from a special customization from an international brand. In other words, this dress is based on Yang Mi’s figure, and then the design adjustment is made on a finished product, even so, fans are very excited.

Actress Song Qian prepared two sets of battle robes this time, one is a red slit dress, and the warm color tone is in line with the atmosphere of the New Year. This dress is very designed, with a traditional shirt style on the upper body and flared sleeves, which is very retro and fashionable.

The lower body is very boldly cut, and although the skirt is long past the ankle, the large split shape divides the skirt into four pieces, allowing people to lengthen the legs through the skirt. The black belt at the waist harmonizes the singularity of red, and simple contrasting elements add texture to the dress.

But the big red shirt dress is challenging, not everyone can handle it, and it is easy to wear the atmosphere of the earthy little girl. And the material of the dress is a little wrinkled, which visually reduces the overall grade of the dress.

This dress comes from a big brand’s autumn and winter haute couture collection, although it is an out-of-season clothing, as long as there is the word haute couture, its coffee position is naturally unusual.

The second dress was a long black and white contrast dress. Song Qian’s dress is simple and generous, the upper body of the dress is crossed by two black bands, if you have a full shoulder and neck line and slender arms, then this look is the first choice.

The lower body is connected by a black belt to a puffy double cake skirt, which can be cinched at the waist to show thinness. Moreover, the black and white skirt is more eye-catching and dynamic. From the actual effect, it is obviously not ideal, but it exposes Song Qian’s short figure. Only under the background of the filter can the fairy spirit of the dress be interpreted.

This dress is also from a big brand ready-to-wear. From this point of view, Song Qian has worked hard for this event, from haute couture to big names, striving to squeeze into the forefront of 85 flowers.

Actress Di Li Gerba wore a bright starry river skirt, this skirt is still Reba’s favorite fishtail skirt, and the design of semi-naked shoulders, very showing the figure, not very friendly to girls with large skeletons, but now Reba can easily control, showing the S shape of the front and back.

Another feature of this dress is the sparkling diamond decoration all over the body, which is full of Bollingbling’s pearlescent spirit from beginning to end, which perfectly matches Reba’s rich complexion. Just compared to Yang Mi’s special customization, Reba’s sparkling diamond dress is not from the high-luxury collection. In fact, looking at Reba’s previous dress brands, most of them were out-of-season ready-to-wear or small brands. Although Reba has a high popularity, he is far behind Yang Mi of the same company in terms of fashion resources.

Zhang Xiaofei’s dress has made a big breakthrough this time, she rarely chose a puffy skirt in the past, but this time she appeared in a black and gold dress, elegant and domineering. This dress is a heart-shaped bandeau on the upper body, the skirt is a puffy skirt, and the contrast design of gold flowers on a black background becomes the biggest highlight, making the dress look thin and set off Zhang Xiaofei’s stunning side, which is different from the image of the funny queen in the sketch.

This dress is also not a luxury brand, but it allows Zhang Xiaofei to wear a haute couture aura. In addition to the beautiful dress, Zhang Xiaofei’s makeup is also popular among netizens, and the pink eye makeup is very outstanding, which makes her a little more feminine. When makeup artists shared makeup tutorials online, netizens consulted makeup brands one after another, and it seems that Zhang Xiaofei’s strength in bringing goods is really unquestionable.

Li Yuchun has always been favored by first-line big names, but the dress she wore this time was a little incomprehensible. Dressed in a big red velvet fishtail dress, without any decoration all over her body, it was red to the end. In terms of design, it is also a bag to the end style, only the bottom of the skirt is a puffy fishtail shape, which does look like a koi, and there is a sense of déjà vu of Ponyo.

This dress comes from a super ready-to-wear of a big brand, although there is a coffee spot, but the shape is too modern and difficult to accept by the public. It seems that not everyone understands the fashion of Spring Spring!

After watching this grand ceremony, the different looks of stars have left a deep impression on the public, and you can also understand that luxury brands do not guarantee good looks. Of course, instead of struggling for a coffee position, it is better to face up to your own characteristics, tailor your clothes, and maybe get unexpected praise.

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