Yang Mi brought fire again “pullback shoes + skirt”! Jumei Ju shows thin legs, absolutely absolute

Have the treasures found that the entertainment industry is getting more and more rolled, not only magazine pictures, red carpet pictures, airport pictures, life photos, but even off-duty charts have begun to roll up!

No, Yang Mi’s recent off-the-job chart is on fire! Hip skirt with suit,

Pullback shoes long legs

, this atmosphere is amazing!

Moreover, I found that the pullback shoes are a frequent customer of Yang Mi’s bantu, and the probability of appearing on camera is not too high, there is this, a pair of checkerboards with N sets to match

Such a black base

And white ones

It’s simply not too much, and every pair looks great to wear! Huili wild spokesperson has it!

Since the Xinjiang cotton incident, the fashion circle has set off a “fashion patriotic style”, and more and more sisters have begun to wear sneakers. But sneakers have a fatal bug, and it’s easy

Deficiency of exposing leg shape.

For example, there are no feet and necks

Exposed muscular legs, leg lines are not smooth

The most annoying thing is that most of the sneakers are flat, and the flat + instep design may also make you

Appear fat and short

It’s impossible not to wear sneakers, so, people with ugly legs, how should sneakers be worn?


Many Baozi do not look good in sneakers because the exposed calf muscle lines are not straight enough

So, we just need to choose a long skirt, cover the muscles of the calves, and everything is solved.

Note that the length of the skirt, the treasures are best chosen in

Below the calf belly ~ above the ankle

, that is, in your relatively thin range, too short to cover the effect, too long will press the figure

Like the principle of sneakers + long skirt, choosing a pair of cropped trousers can also serve the purpose of showing thinness. Of course, the most desperate thing has to be

Flats + mop pants

, not only cover the flesh to show thinness

It can also instantly lengthen the leg line, showing the height and leg length, which is a set of matching that anyone can copy

Speaking of which, there may be Baozi who wants to ask, what if the weather is too hot and you don’t want to wear long skirts and pants, and you want to wear sneakers!

In fact


The fine leg effect is really a must! Wearing sneakers with a pair of socks can create visual coherence and make your legs look longer


Black mid-tube socks

, because dark colors visually produce contractility and can make your legs look thin and straight ~

In fact, socks with interesting patterns are also good, not only can enrich the layering of the shape, but also add a lot of fun and bright feeling to the dress.

In addition, I will teach you a trial and error method: swap flat sneakers for them

Thick bottom

Sneakers, legs are long, visually thin!

Moreover, platform shoes are generally relatively large, coupled with the tightening effect of socks, once puffed and retracted, the legs are naturally thin!

The only thing to note is that the length of the sock either completely covers the calf belly or is under the calf belly, and it must not just get stuck on the calf belly, really

Very thick legs

That’s it for today’s topic, do you have any exclusive tips for showing thin legs and straight legs? Leave a message to share ~Love you guys~



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