The 20 best sneaker brands you can buy in 2022 (Part I)

When your clothes have fixed their own style, it is generally difficult to change easily, at this time you need a pair of shoes to bring magical chemistry to your wardrobe, especially sneakers, the transition from the runway to the catwalk is a slow and gradual process, but it has reached a climax in recent years.

This is largely thanks to some designers and the best sneaker brands who have been pushing their limits in every imaginable direction, constantly innovating new fashion shoes.

Today, we take a look at the top 20 most influential sneaker brands in the world and what they’re doing to help elevate the world’s most popular footwear.


In 2016, Nike returned to the “future” with Marty McFly’s self-laceing sneakers. This is just one example, the brand seems to have brought us something straight from the future from the 51st arrondissement, making it the biggest trendsetter in sneakers and a barometer of shoe design.

Founded in 1964 by University of Oregon athletics coach Bill Bowerman, the brand has a world-leading track record of high-performance footwear and technological innovation (Flyknit uppers and NikeID, among others). More importantly, Nike knows how to create products that live up to their massive hype.

It has more shoes in its historical catalog than any other sneaker brand. The Air Max, AirForce 1, and Air Jordan are all classics within the sneaker classics, and further back in the way, you’ll find more classic vintage sneakers like Cortez and Blazer.


The tech race between the world’s sneaker brand giants has produced some of the boldest footwear innovations.

Nike’s catch-up

Adidas is preparing for overtaking with light materials and surprising sole technology.

Founded in 1949, Adidas has become a brand dominated by scientific and technological innovation.

In addition to the classic superstar, stansmith and Gazelle, the brand’s R&D lab has brought Yeezy and game-changing Ultra Boos to the world of sneakers in recent years, and more recently, the German sports giant has been experimenting with 3D printing as a groundbreaking sole production.


When New York-based luxury sneaker brand Common Projects first launched its Achilles Low model in 2004, the menswear world went crazy. Is it innovative? No. Is it more comfortable? Nor is it. Lower price? Contrary.

The shoes are nothing more than an ordinary pair of leather sneakers. However, under the language of minimalist design, every little detail is meticulously crafted to the extreme. It’s a sneaker like the Oxford shoe handmade in Northamptonshire.

Buttery Italian leather, refined streamlined styling and timeless wear resistance make each shoe the perfect companion from suits to shorts. It can be said that it opened up the booming luxury sneaker market today.


As time goes by, fewer and fewer brands are willing to use high-quality craftsmanship to manufacture products locally.

That’s what makes New Balance one of the best sports brands. Not only is the Boston company responsible for some of the most comfortable and iconic running shoes produced since 1906, but it also continues to produce its premium collection, half in the United States and half in the Lake District in the United Kingdom.



Balenciaga is back at the top of the fashion house under the guidance of Georgian fashion maverick designer Demna Gvasalia, and no matter what you think of his work, there’s no denying that he’s changing the discourse in fashion.

These sleek, minimalist sock shoes are the brand’s first great sneakers at the helm of Gvasalia, and the luxury fashion brand goes on to launch several running sneakers. Triple S really takes the brand in a new direction.

The shoe single-handedly reshaped the fashion footwear landscape, making the large, chunky silhouette the new gold standard. Minimalism is giving way to extremes, and the century-old Spanish fashion brand is the creator of it all.


Since 2015, Oliver Cabell is changing the game of sneakers and changing the way we look and think about designer sneakers. Not only does it have many high-end styles and high prices that are not extravagant, it is one of the best sneaker brands in the world today, making brand-name shoes available to the public.

Not only are Oliver Cabells surprisingly stylish, they’re the perfect outfit whether you’re spending a day in town or in a conference room.

With the finest Italian leather and old-school sewing techniques, it’s safe to say that you won’t be disappointed with this life-changing sneaker brand.


Axel Arigato is a Swedish sneaker brand that has made a splash in the luxury market, and their style finds a balance between Swedish and Japanese designs that, while minimalist, are never boring.

Any fashion-forward gentleman who wants to update their shoe cabinet will benefit greatly from this shoe. Simple and not minimalist design, a small number of neutral colors and thoughtful details are perfect for modern people looking for new popular sneaker brands.


Over the past few years, GUCCI’s sneakers have grown by leaps and bounds, thanks in large part to creative director Alessandro Michele.

The Italian luxury brand has set a new standard for luxury sneakers, with Ace’s clean lines and eye-catching embroidery making it a new favorite white sneaker for fashion elites.


The brand also combines two of the most important trends of the moment, the bulky Rhyton trainers, and the signature oversized Gucci logo on the side.


With over 120 years of experience, Soconi knows how to create the perfect pair of shoes better than most brands.

The American brand’s casual shoes are truly nostalgic, with bold colors and vintage detailing representing a nod to the 80s and 90s, especially for their Shadow 6000 model.

Don’t have time for nostalgia? Soconi has plenty of modern sneakers designed to keep your sport in the right stance, including their Hiking TR15 GTX, Omni Walker 3 and more.


VEJA was originally created in 2003 by two Frenchmen, and got

Duchess Meghan Markle




With the concept of these, these shoes can help you not only look new, but also save the planet from the doom of the coming climate change.

In addition to being an eco-friendly product, Veja practices quite radical transparency. Not only did the brand calculate its CO2 emissions for the first time in 2019, starting with raw materials, including transportation, factory fabrication, but also announced its carbon footprint for 2020.

For the reason of the space, see you in the next part of the other 10 brands, welcome to leave a message to collect and share.

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