It’s like an unforgettable “first love”! Comparison of classic home appliances around 20 years ago

With the passage of change, science and technology are constantly improving, the author has paid attention to countless exhibitions and conferences over the years, and experienced countless new product releases. Although every brand, every manufacturer says surpass every year, and says classic every year. However, the dazzling market, the homogeneous competitors, is really difficult to impress, just like a flagship product released by a big brand last year, now the memory is blurred. Compared with the classics of “those years”, these years are somewhat inadequate.

As far as home appliances are concerned, now the washing machine has more and more functions, the refrigerator capacity is getting bigger and bigger, the TV screen is getting more and more high-definition, and even we have changed generations of products, but what impresses us the most is always the first product we touch, just like our indelible feeling of first love.

As a post-85 generation, the author caught up with the era of rapid economic and technological development, and witnessed the history of old home appliances entering ordinary people’s homes. Today we will talk about feelings.

Particularly resistant green washing machine

In the author’s memory, most of the washing machines in the 80s were single-cylinder wave washing machines, the inner cylinder would only rotate in the forward and reverse directions, and the water would not be changed halfway, not to mention intelligent programs such as washing and rinsing, the cleanliness was average, and there was a certain rate of clothing breakage, so when I was a child, there were mothers who had to wash clothes by hand even if they had a washing machine.

Old washing machine, only look for “green skin”

Domestic brand laundry such as Power, Little Swan, and Begonia is the most profound. Among them, the powerful washing machine is the first washing machine TV advertisement on CCTV, with the slogan of “love for mothers”, which is deeply popular with the people. It is worth mentioning that most of the previous home appliances were green skin designs, “white goods”? Inexistent. This green-skinned machine is particularly durable, and if you want to wait until it breaks down and replace it, you will probably have to work together to spend the millennium.

Twin-cylinder washing machine, the “cost-effective choice” of the year

Later, the “double-cylinder” washing machine began to become popular, with a slightly larger inner cylinder on the left responsible for washing clothes, and a slightly smaller inner cylinder on the right responsible for spinning drying, solving the problem that clothes are drying too slowly. Obviously, the double-cylinder washing machine is also a transitional product, and the fully automatic washing machine in the same year is also on the market, but in terms of “cost performance”, the double-cylinder washing machine has certain advantages, so in the second and third-tier cities, the fire has been for a long time.

The current washing machine, how to wash and wash, what to wash

The washing machine contacted after 00, compared with the previous products, can only be said to be really powerful, automatic delivery, high-temperature washing, self-programming washing, sterilization washing, how to wash as you want. The object of cleaning is not limited to general cotton and fiber clothes, but even curtains and sheets can be washed whatever you want.

Since I was a child, I went to school and work, and I also changed a lot of washing machines. To be honest, in addition to the current washing machine, I remember my first love washing machine. The green washing machine of that era, although there was a risk of leakage, but also served for a long time, and finally retired not because it could not work, but indeed a little old. I don’t know how I will feel when I see the previous washing machine after 00, I guess I think it’s a pile of scrap iron.

The biggest pleasure of the refrigerator is playing with the lights

The refrigerator 20 years ago, there was no volume of three or four hundred liters at every turn, nor did it have a fashionable and gorgeous appearance, and there was no novel technology such as air cooling, frost-free, and zero-degree freshness, it was in those days that a refrigerator could distinguish the difference between the rich and the poor of ordinary families.

Childhood refrigerators don’t have many features, but they also have fun

Old refrigerators, only simple refrigeration effect, if it is a direct cold refrigerator, over time will form a thick layer of frost. In addition to defrosting, the refrigerator can play the most is the light controlled by the door.

“When I was a child, I could always see two people in the refrigerator, telling my parents that my parents were so scared that they found a lot of fortune tellers, and they said that they couldn’t solve it, and when they grew up, they couldn’t see it. Later, when I grew older, I could still see it, and then I learned that the two people were called the Haier brothers. “—Haier terrier for many years.

In addition to the more famous Haier, the mainstream refrigerator brands at that time were Snowflake, Meiling, Wanbao, Shuangyan, etc., which were mostly different from the mainstream brands now. The older generation of refrigerators are also particularly durable, if there are several shortcomings, it is relatively power-intensive, and the function and capacity do need to be upgraded.

Now the refrigerator can hold a week’s worth of food

Today’s refrigerators, compared with the previous refrigeration iron, really can’t have more functions. The slim body opens to the door, casually moves a large capacity of three or four hundred liters, a variety of freezing areas with different temperatures, a few cents of electricity per day, frost-free design, fresh technology, etc. Raw and cooked, edible and unedible can be thrown in, and the electricity bill is negligible. The previous refrigerator, generally speaking, can only be refrigeration, and the current refrigerator can be said to be fresh.

The threshold for purchasing refrigerators is getting lower and lower, and the standard of living is increasing, and the capacity and function of refrigerators in the past are difficult to meet. Compared with other home appliances, the frequency of replacement of refrigerators is relatively high, Xiaobian has changed several units since contact with the refrigerator, most of them are not broken, but not enough.

Before the color TV, I only remember a large chunk

If you want to talk about home entertainment, TV is almost a necessity, not to mention black and white TV here, although the rotating console and the manual button to adjust the sound are old enough, but not every family has it, not very classic. After all, the TV that entered the people’s home was already a CRT-style color TV, and at that time, as soon as the TV was turned on, the family could sit and watch the program together completely (now it seems that there are very few families sitting together to watch TV).

In those years, it was not the mobile phone that did not leave the hand, but the TV remote control

After all, it was placed in the living room for hospitality, and most of the color TV brands in those years were imported, Panasonic, Sony, Philips, Sanyo and so on. But the common point is that CRT development, the back is a large lump, heavy and thick. When I was a child, how many days and nights could a TV like this spend, and the author also experienced a return to the grid with such a color TV.

Parent generation artifact

Radio aside, in those years to listen to music to CD, VCD, DVD and other players, that era of 10 yuan and 2 CDs, what Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, listen casually. A VCD player has seen all kinds of Stephen Chow. The most used, it is estimated that it is still the parents’ generation, the 90s or something, listening to songs are MP3 walking.

The happiest toy of childhood – the little bully

If VCD players are the stuff of parents, then Little Bully is definitely our classic standard after 85. In order to learn to type or something, there are various excuses to stroke a little bully, then there is something to play, similarly, the author first contact with the full keyboard, not the computer, but the little bully. Super Mario and Contra are more dramatic than playing, “up and down, left and right, ABAB” remember. Both parents are buying VCDs, we are all buying game cards, and we are having fun.

Now TV, you can watch anything, you can play anything

In the past, a 29-inch CRT color TV was already coaxing, and the price was also worth a year’s and a half of parents’ salary. Now less than half a month’s salary can buy a good large-screen 4K HD smart TV. In the past, color TVs looked at analog signals, and even went to the rooftop to turn the antenna to seek signals. Today’s TV, watching high-definition digital signals, built-in intelligent modules, or expanding the TV box, what high-definition movie programs can not be watched, it is also possible to shoot the glory of the king in minutes.

Even so, I can’t find the feeling of childhood.

The previous cool lean blows

The hot summer has not yet passed, now as soon as you leave the air-conditioned room is very uncomfortable little fresh meat, think about the previous home appliances, don’t be too sad.

The previous cool was basically by blowing

Think about those days, air conditioners didn’t exist, but every household had a few fans. The most classic, dedicated to entertaining guests in the living room, is the diamond fan. The heavy body, the exaggerated noise when working, the fan blades that can cut off fingers at any time, now it seems to be a little shivering.

At that time, the fan was considered an entry-level product, after all, a hundred and dozens can be bought, you can do one hand, of course, now the market is also full of all kinds of fans, but in terms of function and appearance, it is more distinctive.

It used to be a bit of a fire air conditioning fan

In the past, when air conditioning was still relatively expensive, air conditioning fans had a fire. The air conditioning fan relies on the built-in “water cooling circulation” device, blowing cold air through the continuous circulation of water, which is indeed cooler than ordinary electric fans, and also saves electricity than air conditioners, and the price is also affordable. However, the disadvantages of air conditioning fans are also obvious, first of all, you need to frequently replace “consumables” (water or ice), and the indoor humidity increases significantly when working, which is easy to breed bacteria.

It’s cool and magical, and you have to count the air conditioning

Compared with TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines, air conditioners entered the home late, and even many netizens’ air conditioners have not been replaced. For most people, from the first air conditioner to the current air conditioner, there is not much qualitative change. Today’s air conditioners, generally speaking, are more energy-efficient, cooled faster, quieter, and cheaper. However, if you insist on an impression, it is obviously impossible to replace the diamond brand electric fan of that year.

Written at the end:

Recalling old home appliances, although the past and present home appliances have changed in terms of technological innovation, but no matter how novel the current home appliances are, the most indelible is the childhood memories of the initial contact, perhaps these home appliances are passers-by in life, but they are always like the first love, unforgettable.

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