Hard maple, Burmese teak, American red oak… Why is hardwood furniture so expensive?

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Black walnuts, Burmese flowers, old elm… Why is hardwood furniture so expensive?

Quite a few readers have consulted me in my “hardwood


Custom group”, I answered your questions from the perspective of material, craftsmanship and other aspects of this question, then in this article, I will continue to share with you other teak, maple and other hardwood furniture, as well as some construction processes.

Hard maple: the perfect partner for walnut furniture

Hard maple is mainly distributed in the northern regions of the United States and is a hardy tree species. It is known for its good stability and not easy to deform. Generally, the higher quality grade wood is white (heartwood) color selection grade; The wood is hard and heavy, has particularly high anti-friction and anti-wear strength, good machining, good turning performance, and slow drying. The texture is fine and clear, the polishability is excellent, and the stability is high.

Hard maple is about 25% harder than soft maple, white wood is creamy white with brownish-red tones, and heartwood is light brownish red to dark brownish red. The number of dark brown-red heartwood clearly varies with the growing area. Both white wood and heartwood may contain pulp spots. This wood has a dense, fine grain, usually straight grain, but also curved, bowed and bird’s eye grains.

Advantages of maple furniture: maple wood grain staggered, fine and uniform structure, light and hard, excellent pattern pattern, color coordination, no scars, is a high-grade wood for decoration. Maple furniture always gives a fresh, simple feeling. It also has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer.

Due to its uniform color, it is often used in the production of fine wood furniture, high-grade furniture, and is also widely used in the sandwich of cork laminate, wood shovel and paper industry, other uses include: veneer, timber frames, lamps, drawer side panels, interior construction, complete sets of furniture, tables, cabinets, wainscoting and turned products.

There are not many brands that use hard maple to make furniture in China, and most of them are mainly customized. Hard maple is a pure and elegant wood with an ivory white sapwood with a delicate grain and a good luster. At the same time, it has a hard texture, high density and high wear resistance, suitable for furniture, flooring and cutting boards. It is worth mentioning that the excellent performance and delicate light texture make hard maple the designated wood for all NBA team venue floors. At present, the market price of American hard maple is 8000~12000 yuan/m³.

Classic Ming-style Luohan tatami mini stool Reference price: 1680 yuan

These two models are produced in our factory size: 98*38*35cm

The wood texture is delicate and the quality is good, and the light color is the best material for Zen furniture. And in home design, it is the best partner for contrasting furniture with black walnut. Hard maple is white, black walnut is black, the colors are complementary, and the contrast can add a touch of interest to the furniture in the home.

Hard maple Chinese style shoe changing stool Reference price: 1580 yuan

This is the size produced in our store: 98*38*35cm

Hard maple can also be customized with a variety of other furniture, readers and friends in need can privately message “decoration information” headlines.

Burmese teak: known as the “national treasure” of the king of all trees

Because teak is widely produced in Southeast Asia, especially representative of Myanmar, Burmese teak has also become a widely loved wood species. Teak is known as the “King of Ten Thousand Trees” and is known as a “National Treasure” in Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia. High-grade teak furniture has rich surface grease and strong hand lubrication; The surface is transparent and the color of the planed surface is oxidized to a golden yellow luster through photosynthesis.

The log material of Burmese teak is shown in the picture above, in fact, the color is a bit yellow, and many readers like this color very much.

Classic Republican style glass teak sideboard Reference price: 13800 yuan

The stability of Burmese teak can be said to be the best among many hardwoods, because of the oily foot and shiny, and the more used the smoother, teak wood uniform color, straight grain, beautiful ink lines, colorful oil shadows, the overall decoration constitutes a variety of natural grain. It is the first choice for warm color whole house customization medium and high-end wood, especially suitable for top luxury house decoration, many European, American and Republic of China old furniture mostly use teak wood.

I newly designed the Republic of China teak sideside wine cabinet Reference price: 11500 yuan

Teak structure in the coarse fiber, dry shrinkage coefficient is extremely small, is the smallest deformation coefficient in wood, good bending resistance, extremely wear-resistant, even if the sun and rain dry and wet do not warp or crack, and water resistance, fire resistance, corrosion resistance is extremely strong.

Teak new imitation bookcase Reference price: 13800 yuan

The preciousness of teak is also reflected in its slow growth, from growth to maturity after at least 100 years, in the natural environment, the best source area is only 1 to 5 trees per mu, which shows its preciousness. Readers and friends who like teak custom furniture can privately message the headline number of “decoration information”.

American Red Oak: The King of Value for Money

American red oak is the most prolific hardwood wood in the United States and is a perfect example of the oak variety recognized and loved by Americans. Widely used in furniture, flooring and interior furniture. In custom furniture, such as wine cellars, doors, etc., it is often seen, suitable for warm furniture in Nordic or American style.

American red oak has high stability and fineness, because the material is easy to obtain, so it is very cost-effective, the wood is hard and heavy, and the machinability is good. American red oak is harder and stronger than other woods, and has good resistance to shocks and abrasion.

Red oak custom wooden door + door set Custom price: about 7000 yuan for one set

FAS grade material TV cabinet Custom price: about 7500 yuan

Why is custom furniture expensive?

Before many readers asked on Weibo or in the community, custom furniture for Shemo hardwood is so expensive, and even many readers find the same furniture from Taobao to compare prices, today I will share with you why we are different from other furniture.

Let’s start with our materials, now


On a lot of imitation hardwood, most of them are shoddy, and even many black-hearted manufacturers use other cheap wood species to impersonate, and our selection of materials are carefully selected by myself, personally determined, the main selection are North American raw materials, to ensure that they are genuine, genuine. Taking the skeleton of the bed as an example, between the choice of ordinary white pine and high-grade New Zealand pine, the price of a single material differs by four or five hundred yuan, and the difference between the traditional mortise and tenon and gun nail craftsmanship is thousands of yuan.

In terms of material selection, we only select the highest grades of brands in the world, and carefully select them again from the best to make finishes. Therefore, each piece of custom furniture has a large loss of raw materials, and the production process will spend more time and energy, whether it is material cost or labor cost is much higher than ordinary home customization or Taobao products.

Mortise and tenon process

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Secondly, what we do is custom furniture, all furniture is tailored according to needs. With the exception of very few machines, all our furniture is handmade by craftsmen with decades of experience.

Veteran craft team

These old craftsmen are exquisite in craftsmanship, and they would not have reached such heights without decades of accumulation. Highly skilled and of course well paid.

Our furniture is all tenon and tenon structure, and only a few parts are bonded with Henkel glue to ensure maximum firmness and environmental protection.

These all-handmade crafts are becoming less and less common in the market. Our production process is tenon and tenon structure, the price and many gun nails on the market, the price between the process and labor costs will be five or six hundred yuan, and for example, our bed stall dovetail mortise and traditional straight mortise, the cost will also be five or six hundred yuan.

Workers polish detail drawings by hand

Basically, each piece of furniture molding needs to be molded and proofed many times, and the production process is as little as three or five days, more than half a month and one month, each process is poured into the craftsmanship and exquisite craftsmanship, and even ordinary polishing, at least six or seven times by hand grinding, in order to make the molded furniture show a warm and comfortable feeling.

Workers hand-colored detail drawings

In addition to manual polishing, it is also completely manual in coloring and lacquering, divided into multiple operations, which can better maintain the sense of color and quality, better maintain the original texture of wood, so that they can breathe more completely and become living furniture.

The detailed drawing after hand-coloring shows the water color and alcohol color effect, which is not only high-quality, but also has high environmental performance.

Editor’s message: We insist on doing custom furniture in Shanghai, rather than to the second- and third-tier cities with relatively low costs, precisely because Shanghai, an international metropolis, has the highest requirements for aesthetics, craftsmanship, and furniture customization, and Shanghai has the most advanced design concepts, the best designers and good products, and the high cost of Shanghai itself has naturally become one of the reasons why custom furniture is expensive.

Now the visible hardwood materials in the world are getting less and less, and the labor cost of custom furniture, the cost of craftsmanship is quite high, good hardwood furniture is like Hermes bags, can be collected and even handed down, today temporarily share these with you, if you still have questions, you can send a private message headline “decoration information” into the “hardwood furniture custom group”, and like-minded, love hardwood furniture group friends to discuss together.

Lao Deng: “Decoration Information” hardwood, antique furniture consultant, special writer, editor, founder of Shanghai Wujing Classical Furniture Company, inheritor of Chinese traditional mortise and tenon solid wood furniture production, member of Shanghai Collection Association, collector of Shanghai seating culture.

Workers polish detail drawings by hand

Workers hand-colored detail drawings

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