Bed brother, take the bed to travel, he is probably on fire

I remember it was about the summer of 2020, and I first saw the video of the bed brother in the headlines, saw him riding a mountain bike to swim poorly, living in a water ditch, living in a bridge hole, and a lot of bad terrain, he could set up a tent to live in, and then dig wild vegetables on the side of the road to eat.

Borrow a screenshot of the bed brother’s video

Collecting firewood for cooking by himself, in fact, he looked quite pitiful at first. I thought, how can people live this kind of life? At least I didn’t have the courage to travel like him.

Then over time, the video of the bed brother has been updated, each time the camping location is different, and then the food is also very simple, or cook a meal, make a random dish, no meat, and no oil and water. Maybe he really didn’t have much money at that time, and he was reluctant to buy more nutritious food.

In the video, he looks very thin, which is very sympathetic. But I think he is just living his way and doesn’t need the mercy of others. Later, every time I saw his video, I would ask him to pay attention to safety in the comments, after all, riding alone, it is more dangerous to get on the national highway.

Later in the video, he also said that his mobile phone was stolen, which caused him a lot of trouble, and many things were inside the mobile phone.

But later, I should have re-issued the mobile phone number, and there was no big loss. Traveling alone out there can be a lot of unpredictable things.

Why did I suddenly have to write something about bed brother? Because I recently felt that I was watching every video of his, I should be addicted. His trip may seem uneventful, but there are actually many small surprises every time. He arrived in a new place every few days, and he could see new scenery and local cultural environment.

Last year, Brother Bed rode all the way from Guangxi to Zhanjiang, and then crossed the Qiongzhou Strait by ferry, and actually rode all the way to Sanya. I feel that this paragraph is the best part of him.

Although the current traffic is so high, the bed brother can be leisurely and leisurely, with his own riding style, slowly feel the scenery on the road. This is something that many urban people cannot experience.

At present, the goal of the bed brother is to go to Tibet, and he is traveling through Hunan Province during this time, and he is getting better and better at cooking now, not at all casually fooling like he did at the beginning.

Although the bed brother sleeps alone in the tent every night (if it were me, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to set up a tent outside to sleep at ease), but his video is seen by many fans, the barrage of station B is very exciting, everything he says, fans listen carefully! And the bed brother’s lines are full of his special grammar. Fans are keen to paraphrase his “bed-like” syntax to describe things.

Perhaps many years from now, this riding experience will be a very important part of his life’s memory.

Finally, I wish the bed brother


Be sure to pay attention to safety on the road, safety first. Play slowly and have fun

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