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Speaking of eyewear brands, everyone knows that Japanese glasses are the most quality guaranteed, but how to choose the right one among many eyewear brands is also a university question, maybe you will start from the history of the brand, brand image and pricing, but more people will take comfort as the first condition.

Do you know the Japanese eyewear brand 999.9? The name 999.9 means millipede pure gold and symbolizes the brand’s near-perfect handmade creation, but you can also call it Four Nines.

Four Nines (999.9) is a long-established Japanese eyewear professional with more than 20 years of experience in lenses, founded in 1995 by industry veterans, and has become one of Japan’s leading sales companies with patented design and technical methods.

Early glasses were imported from Europe and later adapted to suit the Japanese face, but the only drawback was the lack of comfort. Therefore, in order to wear comfortably, Japan added unique designs and details, which led to today’s “Four Nines”.

Four Nines is very workmanship, but also to design, high quality, comfort and durability these three elements to create, even if there is the slightest gap, will be constantly corrected, absolutely meticulous.

Four Nines (999.9) is characterized by comfort, ease of adjustment and sturdiness, and the biggest point of the glasses is the hinge design, such as Jabara Hinge, Gyaku-R Hinge, S Hinge and U Hinge, which greatly enhance the wearer’s comfort.

In addition to the above 4 hinge designs, the most classic “Asian version of the special nose pad” also designs a “curved” nose pad for the curve of the nose bridge, making the wearer more comfortable and the nose pad fits the nose better.

Spectacle wearers are concerned about the comfort of their glasses, and it’s also important that Four Nines (999.9) also prioritizes optical properties for the wearer, so the design of the style is not particularly exaggerated.

If you’re a fashion boy, it’s also for you, and the brand will design products that match the current trend according to the trend.

Four Nines (999.9) brand has gone through more than 20 years, among which there have been many representative works, among which the “20th Anniversary Special Series” is worth everyone’s attention, this series of glasses is based on the traditional Japanese craftsmanship illustration “Shippo pattern” combined with the 20th anniversary digital design, with the meaning of auspicious Nafu, but also represents the wheel constantly rotating in all directions, endless artistic conception.

The “street gentleman” style is now a common style for men, glasses are of course essential in the styling, if there is a mistake, the overall sense can easily be greatly unbalanced.

RMB reference price: 2602 yuan

Popular frames such as the classic Boston frame (left) and Wellington frame (right) in the 999.9 NEO PLASTIC FRAME product line are handy for any look.

RMB reference price: 2094 yuan

Or choose a metal and plate combination of frames to integrate into the outfit, such as: round vintage frame glasses in the shape of the casual suit to bring out a bit of street mix-and-match flavor, can definitely set off the best masculine charm.

The blogger is wearing the “front hanging sunglasses” created by the 20th anniversary series of 999.9 glasses, this year’s front hanging lenses are a popular trend, as a trendsetter, you may wish to try it!

Reference price of glasses: 1460 CNY

Gentlemen are a little excited to try this collectible brand after reading it? In fact, as long as you match your outfit to choose the right glasses, you can greatly add points to your formal wear! If you are also interested in its glasses, you may wish to search for “999.9” to see more styles.

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