For 8980 yuan, Yamaha released the urban off-road style small pedal, and the Force X Fuying went on sale today

In the past two years, ADV crossover pedals have become a new popular trend, and manufacturers are also happy to play the crossover concept, in fact, the earliest ADV crossover pedals are Yamaha’s innovations, and the first generation Yamaha BWS “Duck” in 1988 first combined “off-road” and scooters. Today Yamaha also released an urban off-road-style small pedal, the Force X Fuying priced at 8980 yuan.

The exterior of Force X looks very personal in Yamaha’s lineup,

It’s hard to find a similar exterior design in its class, and Yamaha always surprises you with the unexpected when it comes to design. Fuying’s appearance has some BWS shadows,

Both cars adopt a very prominent design with headlights in the center of the front, which shows that in terms of exterior design, Yamaha fully absorbs the design concept of classic models.

At the same time, the headlights narrow to the center around them, forming an “X” headlight shape, which also echoes the model name.

The beak design at the front of the car also highlights the positioning of Fuying’s crossover pedal, making the whole vehicle have an off-road feeling of urban streets, which perfectly matches the personality and vitality pursued by young people.

Compared with Yamaha’s other 125mL scooters in China, Fuying has not changed much in the frame, shock absorption, brakes and power unit, but for the needs of cross-border use scenarios, in some details, Xuying has made highly targeted improvements

。 Fuying has changed to a rally style all-terrain turtle tire, and the size has been increased from the original 90/90-10 to 100/90-10, while the minimum ground clearance has been increased to 125mm, which has improved the driving stability and passability of the vehicle to a certain extent. The grip of simple unpaved pavement is also somewhat enhanced, so that the wildness of the crossover style is not only reflected in the appearance.

Fuying also uses high fenders, which prevent dirt from jamming the front wheels when driving on muddy roads. The handlebar also adopts the design of partial bare handlebars, which is convenient for the owner to make small changes and additions in the later stage, and is also more in line with the crossover style. The external high turn signals are also biased towards the style of straddle cycling, which is more personalized and recognizable. In addition, there is a sunken LCD instrument, a slightly larger front storage space and a front-mounted hook, and it is a pity that there is no USB charging interface.

The power section is still the familiar 125 mL air-cooled SOHC 2-valve engine with an 11:1 compression ratio, a maximum power of 6.1 kW (6500 r/min), and a maximum torque of 9.7 Nm (5000 r/min). Fuying’s fuel tank volume is 5.1L, the curb weight is 92kg, and the endurance should not be much different from 125 models such as Qiaoge i.


Force X Fuying

It’s still a small pedal positioned close to the people,

Retains many of the advantages of Yamaha’s class of 125mL scooters,

And according to the market hot spots and cross-border use scenarios have made some configuration optimization, for the market is also a good supplementary model, we will also have a more detailed experience of this car in the later stage.

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