“Leaky milk skirt” out! These 5 dresses are trending, who wears who is fashionable

Today is the first day of July, I wish the party a happy 100th birthday, and I wish everyone a happy and smooth July~

Looking back on my June, it was really fulfilling ☺️! Enjoyed a lot of memorable


Caught some

Interesting moments

The most important thing is that I shot a lot

Piu bright photo

Every po picture will have malt praise I will wear pinch, so you Mi brought it on time

June Private Service

, see what inspiration my choices can bring to everyone?

Isn’t summer the season to wear skirts? My first choice is fairy fluttering

Floral dress

~ Blue and white color scheme, self-contained

Summer freshness

, the yellow-skinned sisters can also hold.

Adding a belt to the loose skirt not only outlines our small waist, but also adds to it

Sense of style

, thin and thin


, kill two birds with one stone!

Puff sleeves

It is also the element of this year’s fire, covering the arms to worship the meat, and you can also get




The design is also fried chicken to look thin, especially when taking selfies, it is like turning on the face slimming special effect!

But the size of the puff sleeve needs to be carefully selected.

Too fluffy

The sleeves are also easy to appear broad shoulders.

This halterneck

Pink slip dress

I have popped in the circle of friends, and everyone has praised me for being good-looking

(Love you guys!) )

。 Mainly this small area

Grayish pink

, really show nun!

I love this fake piece design,


Fried chicken feet. The echo of the belt and shoulder strap is also very careful, also

Raised the waistline

Help get long legs~

The whole is

Gentle yet playful

, fried chicken

Out of film

of a skirt. If you have wheat sprouts that you want to travel, pick the same type of wear, you can’t go wrong!

If you don’t like my large-area flower pattern,

Small broken flowers

The slip dress is also excellent drop. Check out our outfit expert Xiao Zhou, simple

Loafers + slip dress

Just good enough.

The third dress I picked was one

Denim skirt

, to the length of the calf is very suitable for the same as me




The sisters can choose denim skirts, without the risk of pressing height, moreover


Also relatively higher!

A shirt of the same color that goes well with a stiff denim fabric,


At the same time, there are also some


, is a set of looks that are very suitable for commuting.

Wide-edged black


and Tiffany Blue


, brings some small sense to the same color outfit, no need for a colorful background, the random street shooting on the side of the road is enough to produce a film!

I’m really blue, especially

Low saturation

Morandi color system, except


A must, but also bring your own

Cool in summer

, like this blue knitted dress that I planted grass at a glance.

In addition to the color, the ingenious collar design is also the main reason why I picked it. Polo shirt collar + deep V design, will

Well-behaved and sexy

The integration is just right, there is really no way not to dislike it!



It is also super careful, showing height and thinness.


‘s shape, can also outline a better body curve, I would like to call it

“Pure Desire Ceiling”

I also love Somi’s green knitted skirt, the avocado texture on the skirt is novel and eye-catching, but the straight slim design is too much of a test for the figure.

Oxygen beauty for a long time, occasionally can also change into dark colors

hot chick

Bandeau long skirt + short coat

The combination of hot girls, must try it!?

And the side ones

White stitching

, creating a visual hollow illusion,

Appears thin

The value is instantly full, and it is a little sexy~

With a short coat, it can also cover small embarrassments such as side breasts, arms worship meat, and most importantly, it can also protect from the sun, it is too fragrant to use more than one thing!

Let me see which sister hasn’t gotten a beautiful little suspender this summer?

Sweet chicks to babes

Sometimes all it takes is a sling.

I picked this piece, the material is


Yes, more than cotton

Sense of premium

, slightly mature sisters have more charm to drive ~ inverted triangle design, vision

Tighten your waist

The effect is really amazing!

But the disadvantage of this fabric is that it is very soft and will compare

Show meat

。 Sisters who are not so confident in their figure can switch to a structured fabric like denim.

Feel that you can’t hold the sisters with such fancy patterns, choose

Solid color

That’s it. Pick another pair of basic jeans,

Sweet and spicy

The beauty is you.

My shoulder straps are relatively thin, and it is recommended that sisters with narrower shoulders enter the same style, which can optimize ours

Head to shoulder ratio

; Sisters with wide shoulders can be swapped for a style with wider shoulder straps.

Summer’s favorite is, of course, none


That’s it! Inspirational to wear the most basic white T-shirt, be the most able to wear urban beauty ✊.

I prefer this one


Large T-shirt, empty on the body, cool and comfortable. The bottoms I chose are

Denim hot pants

, length above the knee, fried chicken

Show leg length

Sisters who pursue a sense of fashion can tuck the hem of a T-shirt into their clothes, which is also a height increase tip.

Tuck them all into bottoms is also a good choice, and the high-waisted pants can be a good way to raise the waistline

Capable and free

The summary of the private server in June is over!

My purpose has always been the way I dress

“The most important thing is to like it”

, small skills such as promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses are the icing on the cake~

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