“Shirt + shorts” is a very fashionable way to wear in spring and summer, creating a literary and artistic male style, so that it is not mediocre

As the temperature rises, the clothes on the body are slowly decreasing, and the shape of spring and summer has always been simple and atmospheric, and some partners feel that the shape of spring and summer is very monotonous, and it is difficult to present a changeable style.

In fact, when matching, it is necessary to make good use of the combination of different items, so that the styling style will appear richer and avoid appearing mediocre. Just like shirts and shorts can be combined to create different charms, and this set of looks is also suitable for spring and summer, it can easily show off the literary and fashionable style.

Shirts and shorts are popular items in spring and summer, and there are many styles, so through different combinations, you can create a bright look and reject the “passerby” to become a trendy icon.

Generally, wearing shorts is mainly casual fashion, and literary shirts are also very versatile, no matter what kind of body can wear the perfect effect, so this wearing method is very recommended in spring and summer.

1. Create clean tones

In the matching of shirts and shorts, you can first focus on the tone, and some fresh and elegant color effects in summer are also very comfortable, as long as the color is controlled, the shape will also look bright and fashionable.

White shirt + khaki shorts

A classic white shirt paired with khaki shorts is one of the great combinations, and the simple and versatile look gives a light style, but when worn alone, the long-sleeved style will be easier to control.

When choosing a white shirt, the style should also be casual to avoid being too formal and causing overall incongruity, otherwise the effect of styling is difficult to control. Styles like flat hems with cargo patch pockets can be worn with khaki shorts to create a chic style.

White shirt + black shorts

Black and white tones are a very classic match, in the shape of shirts and shorts, because the upper body is chosen white, this makes the overall white tone more, so that the shape also becomes more simple and atmospheric. And this tone is not picky, outdated, and can also show the style of the trend.

The clothing accessories in the shape can also be expanded around the overall black and white tone, so that the effect created will appear more layered, so that the spring and summer look will not look monotonous, so this is also a set of very practical, very classic, very fashionable ways to wear.

2. “Upper length and lower short” shape is more personal

When wearing shorts, the shape can create a more personalized “upper length and lower short” matching, using a long-sleeved shirt with shorts, the shape of the shape is very unique, but when matching, you must also deal with the color tone to make the look more integrated.

Like this sky blue shirt with gray shorts, the shape is not coordinated in tone, which will depend on the figure, but the color of the shoes makes the shape unified, so many times can not ignore the role of clothing accessories on the model.

3. Pair a white T under the shirt

Pairing a white T under the shirt can make the look more versatile, and at the same time can cope well with the changeable temperature of spring, and the effect of layering makes the look richer.

The versatility of the white T itself is very good, with its existence you can boldly try different styles of shirts and shorts, off-white linen shirts with army green Guergo shorts, the shape tone is very elegant, plus a pair of loafers will wear the style out of literary fashion.

4. Classic checked shirt creates a sense of youthful trend

In the shirt, the striped and plaid style is also very classic, very suitable for creating a youthful trend, in the spring and summer with a pair of shorts, the shape is comfortable and fashionable.

Striped shirt

Striped shirts are a very fresh item, can be matched with shorts of various styles and colors, blue and white striped shirts with white T-shirts and shorts, the shape looks simple and atmospheric in tone.

The Oversize shirt is paired with a pair of loose shorts, and the shape is unique in form, although this style is difficult to control, but the effect is eye-catching and stylish.

Plaid shirt

Use a plaid shirt with shorts, in addition to making the shape personality fashionable through the change of fit, the white T inside is the safest choice, the shape is both versatile and fashionable, and the “thunder” rate is lower when matching.

A plaid shirt paired with a pair of loose shorts and sporty embellishments make it easy to create a trendy look, and the rich color also looks very uniform.

Hawaiian shirt

Hawaiian shirts are also a recommended item for summer, whether it is a daily commute or a vacation, a Hawaiian shirt can add points to the look. Generally, when wearing a Hawaiian shirt, the style of shorts should be simpler, and the black style is a versatile choice.

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