LOFT American Country Phase 5: Vintage Solid Wood LOFT Desk Desk

LOFT is more and more popular with young people in terms of office, especially in the coastal area, compared with the traditional desk with a literary atmosphere, giving people a strong sense of art. When choosing LOFT furniture, if it is a home as a dining table, Xiaobian recommends ordering a glossy surface, if it is purely for office use, the thick surface will be relatively good-looking, and it will highlight the stripe after coloring.

Like this type of office desk or as a dining table, 5 cm solid wood table, the general quality during transportation will not be too much of a problem, occasionally appear is paint or bump into the corner of the table, generally more responsible sellers will be double-layer insurance packaging when shipping.

More worried about the stability of the table corner, this cross-type table corner in terms of stability if not skilled technical welders, after receiving the goods will have a headache, the two sides can not be flat, although the seller when delivering adjustable mats, but sometimes it is really difficult to level.

If the difference in smoothness is not very large, sometimes the ground may be uneven because it is itself, just like adding a strip of cloth at the bottom directly in the picture. If it really doesn’t work, you can only return it and ask the seller to resend it.

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