About Kobe’s new logo, you may not know what you don’t know yet

In addition to the scabbard logo, the exposure rate of Kobe’s new logo combined with HV letters is also very high, and many people only know that it first appeared in Kobe’s retirement letter, but they don’t know what it represents? Why do they appear so often and so on.

His first appearance was on Kobe’s farewell letter, and the bottom of the retirement letter had the word HV gilded, an eye-catching sign that quickly aroused the curiosity of Comi and even other fans, what is this logo?

Bryant explained this shortly after. HV stands for HERO and VILLAIN, respectively. There is no division between the two, in order to show the meaning of hero and villain as one, which is also Kobe’s best display of his 20 years of career. This is also in line with the outside world’s views and evaluations of Kobe, as Kobe Bryant’s own advertising slogan “Love me or hate me, there must be one of the two.”

Kobe Bryant has also mentioned the concept of heroes and villains many times in advertisements in recent months, including Nike’s advertising posters for many days, many sports stars’ tribute videos to Kobe, and two videos Nike made for Kobe in April, all mentioning the two sides of heroic villains.

At the same time, the slogan “Channel the villain, Unleash the hero” is the official interpretation of the HV logo, taming the wild heart demons, unleashing invincible and perfect heroes, and also bringing a love-hate, real Kobe.

In the two games this year, the Lakers all wore socks that saluted Kobe, and careful people will also find that one of them has the words “hero”, “villain” and Kobe’s HV logo that appear Chinese, and KB20 (Kobe Bryant also registered this as his trademark 9 days before he officially announced his retirement) logo!

This new Kobe personal logo doesn’t just appear in basketball products, from metal chains to beach towels, from dolls to educational and entertainment services! Of course, it is closer to peripheral derivatives such as star cards, comic books and water glasses, and the first to show this trademark in front of the public is Kobe’s retirement farewell letter.

From the announcement of retirement to the final farewell battle, Kobe’s KB20 logo has accompanied it, and Kobe’s attention to this new brand image can be seen. At present, there have been related peripheral products unveiled, I believe that in addition to Nike’s scabbard logo, the new HV, KB20 two logos appear more and more in front of our eyes.


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