ONLINE Campus Color Bar Series Student Pen EF Tip Review

Today’s review is a color pole student pen Campus series from Online. This fountain pen is also the fountain pen we recruited for free trial review a few days ago, because there are only four in total, so I will write a little first, and then take all these pens to free trial. To be honest, I myself am not particularly interested in Online, the key is that the name, Online, does sound more copycat feeling, from the name can also be seen, this pen company was not established as long as those traditional fountain pen brands, established in 1991, the main products are more for mass consumers, as the saying goes, student pens, such as Lamy safari, Alstar product line is almost the same positioning, But I looked at their German official website, and there are also some high-end products, especially some high-end fountain pens with wooden poles, I am still more interested, and I hope to have the opportunity to introduce them to you in the future. Today, for the time being, I will only talk about Online’s Campus color pole series fountain pen.

Pen appearance

Not much to say about the unboxing tetralogy, unlike other pen packaging, the Online Campus pen packaging is a triangular box.

This time, I took a total of four colors and picked one of them to show everyone. It seems that Euro Campus Germany holds a fan creative contest every year, designed by fan submission pen body, and it is said that it will also be held in China next, so you can also pay attention to it. This makes the Campus have a lot of colors, that one colorful purple and red… It’s a pity that the seller is suffering, there are too many SKUs, accounting for inventory.

The size and thickness of the whole pen are relatively balanced, plastic material, but the surface of the pen body has a layer of rubber-like skin-friendly material, which is soft and non-slip to the touch.


The cap is also relatively simple, with a simple Online logo on it.

Because the pen barrel is a painting, it is not a simple pattern repetition, so you can still see the patchwork of the canvas here, which is naturally inevitable.

Open the cap of the pen, the pen holds the positive design, the same is a skin-friendly material, but the process is not very perfect, there is a little mold injection mouth small burrs, you can simply deal with it.

Is the pen structure, ink sac, and ink sac the same as Lamy’s ink sac?

Two more at the end.

Writing experience

Since it is a fountain pen mainly for students’ daily use, this time, only EF tip, after all, German nib, most people still think that F is a bit thick, not very suitable for climbing the lattice.

Online European Campus this nib writing sense, the nib is still relatively hard, but fortunately the writing is very smooth, the water is also very good, directly use the own ink sac, this blue I still like it. It’s just that I personally don’t really like fountain pens that are too thin, and it might be better if you have an F tip. Also, I changed a relatively smooth A4 paper, this fluency is even more speechless, personal feeling, if it is high school, it is better to climb the grid with this pen, the price will not be too expensive, easy to write, the appearance is diverse, there is always a suitable one, and it is not easy to collide with others.

brief summary

Because the next four pens will be sent to fans for use reviews, I won’t bother too much here, so as not to give the reviewers a preconceived idea when the time comes. Because it is a student fountain pen, when selecting the evaluators this time, it is mainly based on the student’s background.

In addition, the trial list has also been announced, just check the original link directly.

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