Summer is coming, learn “summer dressing” with Shanghai grandma, but it is very refreshing and admirable

Summer is coming, many people in pursuit of refreshment, will choose to wear some clothing with a lot of exposed skin, but for elderly women, wearing too much skin will only expose the shortcomings of the body and look inappropriate.

Then the question arises:

Older women wear clothes in summer, how to ensure that they do not show their skin too elegantly and decently?

In this issue, I will take you to take a look at Grandma Shanghai’s “summer dressing”, but it is very refreshing to show the skin, whether it is selection or matching is very worthy of reference and learning~

T-shirts, shirts: do not expose the skin of your arms too much

T-shirts and shirts are indispensable items in summer wear, and for older women, try to avoid sleeveless fits, try to choose five-point sleeves or seven-point sleeves, cover the skin of the arms to wear more decently, and will not expose the short board.

Broken flower shirts should not be easily chosen, if you really like it, try to follow the principle of “combination of traditional and simple” in collocation. That is, the broken floral shirt with solid color pants, the upper and lower simple can effectively avoid visual aesthetic fatigue, but also help to enhance the sense of styling layering, fashion age reduction does not show old.

If you are an elderly woman with a slightly fat body, you can choose some loose-fitting T-shirts or shirts to take advantage of the cut of the fit to cover the flesh and show the effect of thinness. Under the premise of height conditions, with the same loose effect of pants, the overall gives people a casual and free sense of sight, modifying the figure and refreshing and comfortable.

Skirt: Choose a style that is length below the knee

The most taboo thing for elderly women to wear skirts is “too exposed”, like some slip skirts, short skirts are not suitable, try to choose skirts with sleeves and length below the knee, appropriate skin exposure will not look inappropriate. Solid color skirts are the most conservative choice, and the “combination of traditional and simple” is more advanced.

Floral dresses have always been very polarized, especially for older women, wearing them poorly will only expose their age and look rustic and old. Therefore, the choice of a floral skirt with a waist style helps to shrink the vision, tighten the waistline, divide the proportion of the upper and lower body figures, and achieve the shaping effect of appearing tall and thin.

In addition, when wearing skirts, you can also use the “same color” method, pink skirt with pink sweater, vertical stretch vision is higher, and then add scarves, hats, bags and other accessories to play a good embellishment effect.

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