Hydrating Mask|A piece of dual-effect hydration + anti-sugar, easily apply to brighten skin


Dry and rough?

Redness and acne?

Dry itching and closed mouth?

Aging skin?

Summer skin problems strike

Heals “wounded” skin

There is nothing that cannot be solved by applying a mask

Summer Yen Gas Enhancement Plan


One tablet of double action hydration + anti-sugar

Effortlessly applies brightening skin

New Skin Radiance Mask

Using international cutting-edge technology and high-purity extraction

Patented anti-glycation ingredient of danshen


Linlan Runlu patented ingredients

Double patent blessing

With Korea TOP1 Skincare Products Supplier-


Jointly developed and produced

One slice=

Soothing repair + hydration and elasticity + anti-glycation + antioxidant brightening

Three-dimensional hydration artifact

Recognized in the skincare industry as the “handle” of hydration


Dendrobium dendrobium, aloe vera leaf, bitter ginseng root

Purple pine chrysanthemum, Ningxia goji berry

and other patented hydrating ingredients extracted from a variety of natural plants

It can be called

It helps the skin absorb a lot of moisture

Maintains skin elasticity and suppleness

Millions of highly active molecules are then packaged and injected into the skin

It can absorb about the same as its own weight

1000 times


Let the cells

Boom and fullness

Patented anti-sugar ingredient of danshen

18 times antioxidant capacity

Free radical sweeper – salvia

Repair sugar resistance = 60 times the common ingredients!

Can target and scavenge free radicals

Blocks free radical damage to the skin

Reverses glycation activity

At the same time, it stimulates collagen regeneration

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and tightens the skin

Preferred “breathing fiber ultra-thin cloth”

3D invisible skin-friendly, lightweight fit

Imported adoption

0.5mm ultra-thin film cloth

Light and conforming

Fits snugly into skin

The texture is more than ordinary non-woven fabrics

Soft and smooth

The small molecules reach the bottom of the skin and are fully permeable

Up to 98% absorption



Hydrating and rejuvenating

Recommended by millions of users

Get plump and energetic skin

Multiplied with a variety of plant essences

Safe 0 Plus Suitable for all skin types

A piece of help

Tightens skin, reduces sagging and is effective against aging

Speak with strength, and the effect can be seen

Rejuvenate skin

Anti-sugar and anti-aging essential


Hydrates and elasticates


Soothes redness

Precisely snipe skin concerns

360° protection of water light skin

SPA-grade deep hydration

Plumps lines to smooth and refine skin

Every day, skin is softer and more delicate, smooth and supple

Boom moisture,

Apply to translucent watery skin

New Skin Radiance Mask

Linlan Runlu patented ingredients

Linlan Runlu patented ingredients

Three-dimensional hydration artifact

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