Laughing to death, Wu Jing’s “Chinese” sportswear copied Korean drama costumes?

Recently, a Korean TV series “Squid Game” exploded. Within 4 days of its launch, it became the first Korean drama to reach the top of the US Netflix charts.

But unexpectedly, shortly after he came out of the circle, the Korean media took advantage of the hype, and this time they targeted the “Chinese” clothes in Wu Jing’s emoji, claiming that this was

Plagiarizing costumes from the play


I’ve never seen something so faceless. The one who could make such shameless remarks turned out to be Professor Xu of South Korea, who repeatedly came to touch porcelain China.

As early as before, Korean professor Seo Yandeok put forward many remarks about touching porcelain:

Korean traditional clothing was labeled as “** traditional clothing” by Baidu Encyclopedia, and the entry was required to be corrected.

Protested the claim that ginseng chicken soup originated in Guangdong, China, and demanded that the relevant expression be deleted.


And this time, Xu Yande also said that the Chinese costume copied the costume of a Korean TV series.

On his social media he wrote: On the (Chinese) shopping app,

The famous green sportswear in the play is printed with the Chinese character ‘China’, and even uses photos of the protagonists of Korean TV dramas for sale.

And it was accompanied by a comparison photo of actor Wu Jing wearing “Chinese” clothes and the protagonist in the Korean TV series.

And this time hyping Wu Jing’s “Chinese” sportswear “plagiarism” of Korean TV series, using the old routine of “touching porcelain” several times ago:

Xu Yande picked the head, and the Korean media followed up the hype and provoked the emotions of netizens

Netizens have complained: Korean media feel that the world is Korean.

In fact, as early as the Tokyo Olympics, the most appeared in the comment section of social media was Wu Jing’s emoji wearing this green tracksuit.

And this meme is actually derived from a 2019 movie “Teacher Good”, in which Wu Jing plays a physical education teacher wearing a dark green sports jacket printed with the word “China” to give students physical education lessons.

I can all say: the costumes of the 2021 Korean drama “Squid Game” are copied from the costumes worn by Wu Jing in the 2019 Chinese TV series “Teacher Good”.

Some netizens pointed out in passing: “Squid Game” also plagiarized Japanese dramas. When Koreans say plagiarism, they all come with their mouths open.

Even if you don’t talk about the 2019 TV series, Wu Jing’s sportswear with the word “China” has a longer history, it is from a Chinese domestic brand –

Plum brand sportswear

The plum blossom brand was born from


Year. In 1971, the Chinese table tennis team at that time wore plum blossom sportswear and competed in the 31st World Table Tennis Championships in Nagoya, Japan. Moreover, in April of the same year, Meihua also witnessed the famous “ping-pong diplomacy” in history – the visit of the US table tennis delegation to China.

In 1984, at the 23rd Los Angeles Olympic Games, Xu Haifeng, a shooter wearing a plum blossom medal, won the first gold medal in China’s Olympic history.

From its debut at the 26th World Table Tennis Championships in 1971 to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the plum blossom sportswear was designated

The special clothing of the Chinese team has witnessed the success of Chinese athletes and is also the light of a proper domestic brand.


Due to the fierce competition in the market, under the impact of foreign brands, the plum blossom brand carrying the memories of grandparents has gradually declined, so it has also become a marginal brand.

This may also be the reason why foreigners do not know about plum blossom cards.

But since Wu Jing’s emoji became popular, Wu Jing’s same plum blossom brand green sportswear has almost been robbed. And put Wu Jing’s emoji into the recently popular “Squid Game”.

Wu Jing, who is wearing a Chinese plum blossom jacket inside, is a god-like existence, is a bug in the game, ** machine gun sweep is also undamaged, and the related topic “If Wu Jing participates in the squid game” was also on the hot search for a while.

Seeing such a bullish operation, I think that it is promoting the high quality of plum brand sportswear, and it will not be bad if it is hit

It is worthy of being a domestic product.

Not long ago, at the premiere of “Me and My Fathers”, Wu Jing wore a “Chinese” plum blossom brand sportswear and specially pulled the zipper, vividly staging the famous scene of “China”.

I feel that the plum blossom brand is going to give Wu Jing advertising fees.

Netizen: Pulling that action is the soul, because “China cannot be divided!” ”

Maybe there are many popular people, and South Koreans are red in the eyes and run to accuse China. But they never thought that what they called “plagiarism” was actually the opposite, exactly

This costume is the pride of our once and the memory of our older generation.

Domestic brands should be self-reliant in order not to be disturbed by the outside world.

Here, those who steal the country without brainless accusations are advised:



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