Consolidate the foundation of the family for national rejuvenation

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“The foundation of the world is in the country, and the foundation of the country is in the home.” The social governance model of home-state isomorphism formed in China since ancient times, and the home-country sentiment condensed on this basis, are valuable resources for the continuous development of the Chinese nation. In the new era, in the face of the historical mission of national development and national rejuvenation, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that “we must attach importance to family building, pay attention to the family, pay attention to home education, and pay attention to family style”. We must deeply study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, further improve the quality and level of family building, and condense the strong positive energy to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Family building is of great strategic significance for national rejuvenation

The family is the basic cell of society, the logical starting point of social development, and the logical starting point for improving the national governance system. At the same time, as an important starting point for the formation of each individual’s values and the completion of the socialization process of individuals, it is also the cultural soil on which national governance can be based. Therefore, doing a good job in family building is not only a key issue related to everyone’s quality of life and family happiness index, but also a basic project to realize the national governance system and the rise and fall of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and whether its family functions such as childbirth, education, support and emotional functions can be played normally directly affects the overall situation of national competitiveness and social stability.

In the family, the first school in life and the earliest preschool education place, the values and behavioral norms transmitted by the elders subtly shape the children’s world view, outlook on life and values, and their influence and force are incomparable with any other organization and institution. To promote the modernization of national governance, we need to take the socialist core values as the value guide, and family style tutoring, as the most basic and direct way of moral education in society, is an effective way and channel to cultivate the core values of socialism. Whether the family can cultivate “patriotic, dedicated, honest and friendly” social citizens with family and country feelings and social morality determines the future of the motherland and affects the foundation for achieving long-term peace and stability in the country.

Family style is a family passed down from generation to generation with relatively stable customs, moral norms, codes of conduct and ways of dealing with the world, and tutoring is an important support and channel for the formation of family style. At present, the mainstream of family style tutoring is positive, but under the influence of values such as utilitarianism, hedonism, extreme liberalism and personal centralism, it also faces problems such as dislocation of family education, lack of family responsibilities, weakening of family emotions, and decline in family cohesion and stability. The educational misunderstandings in the family that emphasize wisdom over morality, high expectations, and excessive interference, the educational concept of “not fighting, you can’t become talented”, and the traditional concept of preferring sons over women all need to be identified in time and resolutely abandoned. As the child’s first teacher, parents should pay attention to the education of their children’s character and supplement their children’s spiritual calcium; Respect the child’s growth law, learn to let go moderately, and create an independent growth space for the child; Strengthen the modern civilization concept of nonviolent communication, consciously resist domestic violence, and strictly abide by the bottom line of law and morality; Practice the basic national policy and constitutional principle of equality between men and women, create an equal and harmonious environment for children to grow up, and let the family become the place where children’s dreams set sail.

Inherit good family style tutoring

The prosperity of the family country is inseparable from the inheritance of good family style tutoring. Family style tutoring in the new era needs to put “cultivating people with virtue” in the first place, start from the height of cultivating socialist builders and successors who can take on the task of national rejuvenation, take the all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor as the goal, integrate the requirements of socialist core values into the daily life details of family education, and promote the cultivation of minors’ character and values, so as to promote family harmony and national prosperity. Persist in cultivating people with virtue and cultivate new talents who can take on the task of national rejuvenation. “Who to cultivate, how to cultivate people, and for whom to cultivate people”, which is a fundamental issue related to family happiness, national development and national rejuvenation, has become a major issue that needs urgent attention in family building and should be solved first. Parents should pay attention to guiding their children to establish a correct world view, outlook on life and values, improve their children’s sense of identity and loyalty to the country and the nation, enhance their value identification with the family and country community, understand the dialectical relationship between the two interdependence of the family and the country when the country is prosperous, the country is broken, and the country is good and the family is good, and integrate the patriotism, the aspiration to strengthen the country, the service to the country, and the cultivation of family responsibility and social responsibility contained in the core socialist values into children’s daily life. Guide children to integrate their own ego into the big self of the motherland, help children shape a sound personality, and aspire to be a new generation with morality, ideals, skills and responsibilities from an early age.

Guide family members to respect and love each other, and build democratic, equal, and harmonious family relationships. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s proposal of “respecting the old and loving the young, equality between men and women, harmony between husband and wife, love for each other, healthy growth of the next generation, and care for the elderly” provides a fundamental basis for promoting good family customs and inheriting good family education. Every family member, regardless of generation, gender or age, is the main body of family building, and his personality, dignity, rights and responsibilities should be treated and respected equally. Good home style tutoring should advocate and embody equality, mutual love and integration among family members. For example, husband and wife respect each other, help each other equally, jointly undertake the housework of old-age and child-rearing, and jointly fulfill the main responsibility of inheriting family customs; Intergenerational intergenerational includes parents caring for their children and children caring for each other, so that husband and wife love each other, and children and elders and children become the main theme of family relations.

Promote the upward and benevolent family virtues and promote the core socialist values to take root in the family. Family virtues are the embodiment of good home style tutoring. Only by paying attention to spiritual growth, consciously carrying forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of respecting the old and loving the young, harmonious husband and wife, diligence and thrift, and neighborhood unity, adhering to the fine revolutionary tradition of arduous struggle, carrying forward the new trend of socialism, and cultivating and tempering good thinking, good morality, good personality, and good behavior, can they correct and go further on the road of life. Parents should set an example by nourishing the spiritual world of family members with family virtues, and make diligent study, know right from wrong, know honor and disgrace, distinguish between good and evil, understand etiquette, and abide by norms in daily life, so that the core socialist values become the conscious pursuit of every family member.

As the basic unit of the national governance system, the family provides a strong driving force for the modernization of national governance. In the family field, especially in the inheritance of family style and tutoring, problems such as educational dislocation and lack of responsibility will affect the happiness index of every family and everyone, and it is also an important issue that needs to be solved urgently on the road to national rejuvenation. Only “co-construction” can be “shared”. The harmonious development of the family requires not only the active participation of each family member, but also the concerted efforts of the whole society to abandon the concept of family development that deviates from the core socialist values, and jointly contribute to the realization of family happiness and well-being and the consolidation of the foundation of national rejuvenation. (Ma Yan, Liu Xiaohui, author’s unit: All-China Women’s Federation Women’s Research Institute)

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