Wearing a coat with high heels is too rustic, choose “four pairs” of shoes, light and high, fashionable and not tired feet

Once upon a time, coats and heels seemed to be a perfect match. The coat is slender and straight, and drapes high-class. High heels are heroic and powerful. The two match seamlessly, perfectly interpreting the high-end and cold of women. There is a saber rattling coldness hidden between the peaceful eyebrows, which really makes people feel cold.

After a long time, everyone chooses to wear coats with high heels. Not only can the sharp and cold aura not be released, but the overall shape also makes people feel bored, and over time it has become a kind of rustic outfit. So nowadays, it is no longer recommended to wear a coat with high heels, it is really too rustic.

One: sneakers

Among all the shoes, sneakers are the most light and comfortable. Modifying the foot shape without looking bulky has long become a favorite shoe shape for the public. The combination of sneakers and coats, although it is a mash-and-match. But it is more fashionable, less monotonous, more playful and lively.

A loose coat for a more slouchy and comfortable fit. The combination of sneakers perfectly interprets the playful and flexible shape. Although the coat takes a neat and noble route, now the coat also derives more gestures. For example, the loose straight fit with two large pockets embellishments, quite preppy temperament.

The oatmeal-colored coat, softer temperament, loose fit, split hem, and hem raised in the wind all make this coat more casual and chic. Combine a pair of white sneakers, more playful preppy style, lazy and comfortable while more fashionable and age-reducing.

Even without a slouchy coat with a loose fit, a draped straight-leg coat can be combined with a pair of sneakers. Because the straight coat is more straight and straight, the style of sneakers is more casual and casual. The smart and atmospheric royal blue coat, combined with loose straight-leg wide-leg pants, the dashing and handsome image is more clear.

If the combination of high heels highlights the dignified atmosphere, but the little sister chose black and white sneakers. Since then, the sharp and cold wind has been alleviated, the overall shape is more elegant and comfortable, with a sweet girlish temperament, and the age-reducing and casual shape is more exciting.

Two: flat shoes

Flat shoes stand on the opposite side of high heels, without that strength and domineering, and lack a touch of sharpness and coldness. At the same time, flat shoes are more gentle and tender, not tired of the feet at the same time, more warm and comfortable, can give you enough tenderness.

In the autumn and winter season, a pair of flat shoes becomes so rare. In fact, if you want to wear warm and moderate, you only need to add plush elements on the basis of flat shoes. For example, regular mules are generally the most versatile items in spring and autumn, and the design with hair inside will be warmer, and it will not feel cold when worn in winter.

A slender black coat, straight fit, slim fit, belt wearing. Exudes a high-class and noble posture, combined with a pair of blue cropped pants, the whole person’s posture is more outstanding, with flat mules, slender ankles outlined, the whole style is more fashionable and high.

Flat shoes in winter will make your outfit more colorful. Although many people feel that it is not suitable to wear flat shoes in winter, because flat shoes are not tall enough and will appear shorter. But as long as they are properly matched, flat shoes also have their own style.

A pair of flat shoes, light and comfortable, combined with a black coat is also impeccably beautiful. Layered over a leopard-print skirt, it’s delicate and restrained and flamboyant. The combination of flat shoes is more tender, and it also makes the high-class aura of the black coat perfectly presented.

Three: platform shoes

Platform shoes are shoes with thicker soles, just like muffin shoes, which are a type of platform shoes. The design of the thick bottom will not feel top-heavy, and the way the combination coat is worn can also add a brilliant color to the winter.

Platform shoes have a variety of styles to choose from, such as small white shoes, sneakers, booties, boots, etc., can be integrated into the design of the platform to visually enhance the height ratio and achieve a more intuitive height purpose. Therefore, the combination of platform shoes is also more common in the autumn and winter seasons.

If autumn and winter shoes are too light, or too delicate and small, it is easy to have a top-heavy feeling that makes people feel asymmetrical in proportion. After all, autumn and winter outfits always need to be thicker. Heavy coats, cotton coats, down jackets, and also need to layer hats and scarves. At this time, a pair of platform shoes can match the combination of coats more well.

Muffin shoes are also a kind of platform shoes, using a thicker sole design, combined with wide-leg pants or straight-leg pants, which will not look bulky, but also can invisibly stretch the proportion of the legs, appearing taller. Platform shoes have long become a must-have fashion item for everyone, and even a combination coat is even more sassy and chic.

In the autumn and winter season, more people prefer to wear coats. Especially loose coats, even coats with silhouette cuts, which are too delicate shoes, it is inevitable to have a sense of contrast. It is still recommended that you combine platform shoes to make the overall look more coordinated.

Four: booties

If booties are a must-have item for autumn and winter, it’s really not too much. Booties are versatile and comfortable and can be combined into a variety of outfits. Dresses, skirts, cropped pants, straight pants, pipe pants, there is no boots that cannot match, even if you combine a coat, it is more fashionable.

When we choose booties, there are also two directions, one is a high-heeled booty and the other is a low-heeled booty. Relatively speaking, high-heeled boots are more feminine and the overall posture is more elegant. Although booties are a versatile item, we also need to be clear about the style we want to express when choosing.

The loose black coat is more sassy and fashionable, and the combination of a pair of black booties makes the overall style elegant and high-class. In particular, this pointed square root design is more feminine, which is an elegant and low-key and particularly fashionable and versatile style.

Low-heeled booties will naturally be more handsome. For example, common Martin boots, ankle boots, and smoker boots will choose a low-heeled design, and different boot shapes show different temperaments. Martin boots are more handsome, ankle boots are more elegant, and smoke-tube boots are more showy.

The combination of booties and coat is simply perfect. Whether it is a coat combination of pants or skirts, you can match a pair of boots, more handsome and dashing, the overall style is beautiful and eye-catching, and it is also a fashionable match.

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