These bags may be inexpensive, but they will definitely make you unique and different

Little sugar that likes personality can’t afford big-name bags, so Taobao shopping three times a day, there will always be some interesting good things, so this is to share a wave of kisses.

Chiv-print shoulder bag

Let’s start with a Korean-style bag full of summer atmosphere. Green rainforest print and pink flower print, cute with a bit of sweetness, although there is nothing too special in the style, but Little Sugar feels that such a suitable pattern is worth recommending a wave, after all, it is still relatively daily.

Ulzzang shoulder straw bag

And the chic material is also easy to attract small sugar, such as this straw bag, is it very idyllic, and not outdated at all. And seeing it, I can’t help but let the pleasant picnic atmosphere of the little sugar aroma, and then put on the little floral skirt, it must be a perfect match.

Meisha Cat Versatile mini cross-body bag

The shape of this bag may seem ordinary at first glance, and there is nothing outstanding in the material. However, when his little handle pulled up, he instantly poked Little Sugar’s incorrigible cat control feelings. Sure enough, as long as there is a slight highlight in the simple design, it can be irresistible in an instant.

Ins personality bucket bag

It’s a bucket bag, but doesn’t this mini look like a small wine jug hanging from your waist? And this small bag mouth to tighten, and there is a small lid to cover him, is it inexplicably chic and poking?

Clear jelly cube pack

This year’s transparent wind is full of wood, whether it is a transparent bag or a transparent small shoe, this gust of wind blows from the star blogger to the street, although the little sugar is actually not very appreciative, but this bag looks relatively chic. It is a mixed and matched small bag shape with a soft plastic shell, available in transparent and brown colors, of course, Little Sugar still loves the chic transparent brown color.

Well, these are a few chic and cheap bags recommended by Little Sugar, I hope you can like it.

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