Liu Tao wore pink pajamas, sleepy-eyed and worked overtime to shoot blockbusters, and he was not in good condition

❤ Liu Tao has always been a very well-known actor in your circle, debuted for many years, her acting skills are pure, and she has created a classic new era female image on the screen. She is not from a professional background and has won many awards in the entertainment industry.

❤ Liu Tao’s audience is particularly good. She is not only a virtuous wife praised by everyone, but also a long-loved lord of the Phoenix County, and the most important thing is that she took on the burden of paying off debts when her husband went bankrupt. Came back to filming, she filmed 25 dramas in a row in 4 years, and there is no one in the entertainment industry who fights harder than her.

❤ As recently as September 16, a reporter filmed Liu Tao, who was filming an advertisement on the set, and her state seemed to be very bad. A little overtired state, this situation is generally too full or too tight work schedule, busy will not rush day and night, Xiaobian feels that she is really too hard, seems to have dark circles. The makeup artist was next to her to apply makeup, cover and remove dark circles.

❤ Sister Tao, who has always given people a very good appearance, is in a tired state on the set at the moment, which is really distressing. Women do not rest well, work overtime to rush work, and are easy to age quickly. Not to mention Liu Tao, who is already 40+ years old.

At the scene of the filming of the advertisement, Liu Tao seems to be shooting an advertisement for pajamas. Dressed in pink silk pajamas, she was sitting on a chair resting, pressing her fist to her chin and closing her eyes to recuperate.

❤ Pink pajamas have a very cute quality and are a favorite of many women. Pink can make women have a more youthful, delicate, bright, cute and happy mood.

Pajamas have long been a symbol of the Western way of life. When it comes to the origin of this word, you may be surprised, because such a “foreign” thing is an authentic foreign word.

The benefits of pajamas are numerous. For example, it is good for sleep. Pajamas are soft and comfortable to wear, which is conducive to both falling asleep and deep sleep. It also resists the wind chill after deep sleep.

❤ Long shawl hair has always been Liu Tao’s personal label, and the partial hairstyle is very comfortable to look at. Simple and generous, the left bangs hairstyle modifies her face shape to look better.

❤ As the protagonist of the advertisement, Liu Tao was busy preparing makeup tools and applying makeup to her. The director guided her to put on a variety of beautiful publicity poses, and directed the expressiveness of various shapes. In between filming, Liu Tao closed his eyes the whole time without energy, and seemed to be very tired. The makeup artist was next to make up for her, but Liu Tao was sleepy-eyed, looked sleepy, and was working with a strong spirit.

This look is really too different from her usual state on the stage, and her mental outlook is completely different.

❤ For example, this jujube-red sequin dress, jujube red is low-key and restrained, not as bright and dazzling as red. It feels very connotative to look at, and with the sequin design, it looks more advanced and elegant. The dress is very slim, showing Liu Tao’s beautiful figure. As a mother of two children, Liu Tao can still have such an outstanding figure, which is really enviable.

❤ Liu Tao’s mental outlook is good, the photo blockbuster filmed, the finished draft, the temperament is very brilliant, the state is radiant, full of vitality. This is the final effect of her shooting in the best state of her mental outlook.

In contrast, the editor can’t help but ask, Liu Tao worked overtime to shoot advertisements, was in poor condition, and was about to fall asleep. Director, don’t you see it? Will the effect of shooting it be good after working so tiredly? Will the advertiser or Party A approve?

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