The carnival party of people who are afraid of heat, how can you miss the rainbow T

I don’t know when rainbow color has been bombarded into everyday life like a nuclear weapon. Summer mode is on, and it’s time for the hipsters to compete for glory. This year, there is no doubt that Rainbow Tee still wins, what is the magic of the color Tee that was popular last year?

With the cheerful atmosphere of “Children’s Day”, it’s the middle of the year again, and the time flies so fast! June, an ordinary and special month, has a different meaning for everyone: for the goal, the last senior candidate; Graduation “Kiyu” who ended 4 years of cohabitation life; Office workers who plan more than half of the year and work hard; And the “heat-phobies” who, like me, see June as a nightmare start.

In order to add a little spice to the boring life, major brands have played with the “rainbow” theme, first Burberry from hats, bags to sweaters and coats, rainbow elements throughout, coincidentally, J.W. Anderson spring/summer men’s collection also uses rainbow elements.

Rainbow elements, such a representative “social color”, above the cold wind, is expected to be integrated into the design by fashion elites.

But as the saying goes, “the whole body color matching is not more than three”, the rainbow color matching accounts for seven kinds, the test of dressing is quite strict, if you usually love to walk minimalist style but fall in love with rainbow color matching, then you can consider starting with a simple rainbow Tee, the lower piece try to choose the basic plain color, then you can create a very textured minimalist rainbow style!

Not only that, the difficulty of matching is determined by the area of the rainbow color matching, the larger the area of the “rainbow”, the greater the difficulty of matching, and the smaller the area of the “rainbow”, the easier it is to match.

Girls should choose “rainbow Tee” according to their body situation, for people with too much abdominal flesh or thick back, oversize version of rainbow Tee is easier to wear thin. When Tee is long, create a small knot at the hem, which can shorten the length of the garment and create a good ratio of four or six.

Street fashion brand Vans launched the “Rainbow” Tee in June, accompanied by blue sky and white clouds, absolutely sweet and fresh this summer, are you still saying that you can’t get girly style? This season, there are both “mountain-shaped” rainbows surrounded by somersault clouds and “arched” rainbows that play the back, which one do you prefer?

Vans women’s short-sleeved T-shirt

This rainbow Tee uses orange as the main color of Tee shirt, and the seven-color “rainbow” is surrounded and wrapped by somersault clouds, like mountains and mountains, trapped in clouds, and is formed into a circle, and the cloud and the rainbow circle are wrapped in the phrase “Vans OFF THE WALL” SLOGAN, and the “Dugu” rainbow” embroidery on the chest reflects the “Dugu” rainbow embroidery.

The graphic design of this Tee is unexpected, using “three segments” to form a “complete” unicorn form, the head is white, looks like a horse, but there is a conical horned unicorn on the top of the head, and the back position is bordered by a “seven-colored rainbow”, and the cloud is the tail, which is simply cool!

Different color schemes give T-shirts different feelings: white is clean and pure, yellow is warm in the sun, black is handsome and calm, and green is low-key and luxurious. Whether worn alone or as a couple’s shirt, a variety of colours will always give you more options.

This T-shirt is available in four colours and sizes, so both boys and girls can buy them. Solid colors also make matching extremely easy, so you can put more thought into choosing bottoms and shoes, so you can save time and effort to create the perfect look.

Vans women’s short-sleeved T-shirt

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