How to match the sweatshirt with the lower body looks good

Sweatshirts have been around for nearly a hundred years, and with the rapid development of fashion, this item that began to be popular by the niche hip-hop culture is becoming more and more popular. So how to match the sweatshirt in early autumn with the lower body to look good? Next, let’s learn how to wear sweatshirts by a group of fashionistas.

look1 black loose sweatshirt + white shirt + black skirt + color-block sneakers

Autumn sweatshirt wearing: sweet cool American retro sweatshirt matching, black sweatshirt is oversize fit, the lining is not pile, but very thick and drape, even if it is wide will not be fat, with a white loose shirt, showing the white corners is fashionable enough, the lower body is a black short skirt, you can expose the short skirt with long legs, and the feet wear color-blocking sneakers and black dullness.

look2 gray hooded pullover sweatshirt + white bottoms + black shark pants + sneakers

Autumn sweatshirt wear: The basic gray hooded pullover sweatshirt sleeves are a little longer, which can cover the entire hand, combined with a loose fit + lazy feeling. Wear a loose white undershirt underneath, revealing a little bit of the feeling of wearing it; The lower body is matched with black shark pants + white socks, the matching of socks is the soul, and this way of wearing is the most suitable with board shoes.

look3 milk apricot sweatshirt set + orange platform canvas shoes

Autumn sweatshirt wearing: lazy and casual style, cream apricot color is really milk and gentle, soft fabric, the upper body feels super comfortable, the suit is quite suitable for lazy people to go out daily, don’t think, save trouble and time, and this set of autumn and winter is also very good.

look4 gray sweatshirt + white straight jeans + daddy shoes

Autumn sweatshirt wearing: The basic gray sweatshirt is a must-have for autumn and winter layering, comfortable and easy to wear, with a pair of off-white straight-leg jeans is very Korean casual style, this straight pants show the leg length, usually with a shirt sweater also looks good.

look5 Klein blue sweatshirt + tonal sweater socks + Vans canvas shoes

Autumn sweatshirt wearing: the color directly seals a sweatshirt, this year’s Klein blue is not too hot, this sweatshirt chose a large size as a skirt to wear, feet with a woolen socks of the same color, the lower body is missing wearing method, the return rate is very good.

look6 beige apricot gray sweatshirt + gray blue skirt + canvas shoes

Autumn sweatshirt wearing: sweatshirt and skirt are simply not too matched, autumn and winter love this combination, comfortable and good-looking. The sweatshirt is beige apricot gray, very high-end, the zipper stand collar is very Korean, the gray-blue skirt irregular skirt design, the color is also basic and versatile, now wear just not stuffy, wear Vance red canvas shoes on the feet.

look7 striped sweatshirt + white loose straight pants + jumping socks

Autumn sweatshirt wearing: simple striped sweatshirt, contrast neckline and cartoon elephant pattern on the chest is very cute, like this color matching, the elephant is a patch design is very advanced, the lower body is matched with white loose trousers, this kind of straight pants, autumn generally like to roll up the pants and wear, with a pair of jumping socks, it is very own style, showing the ankles are super thin, and the legs are particularly long legs.

look8 Baby green loose sweatshirt + big white T-shirt + canvas shoes

Autumn sweatshirt outfit: The outfit is a white with tender green that looks very comfortable. An oversized sweatshirt in early autumn, choose a larger size, can completely realize the wearing method of missing lower body. With a mid-tube sock, it reduces age and looks thin. The colors of hats, socks and bags echo, the colors of sweatshirts and shoes echo, and remember to layer a large T-shirt inside the sweatshirt to reveal a side for more layers.

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