The streets were full of denim shorts, and I finally found the one with the longest legs!

The recent temperature is really no joke, looking at the streets full of long legs, shorts have become a summer item that girls have to get, but are you really wearing the right shorts?

It is said that “if you choose shorts well, you will lose weight and be a passerby from now on”. In fact, there are many types of shorts, and choosing the right one can modify the shortcomings and make your legs look more perfect.

For example, the angle of the pants is slightly upward, which looks much taller and the legs are more slender.

In the end, which shorts can make your legs look straight and longer, Sister Ba will take you to the right medicine today!

Many crystal girls who “don’t have an ass” around Sister Ba are always distressed, and even bought thick padded panties in order to have upturned buttocks, and the experience is not very good.

The thick panties that are so hot that you go crazy are hot quickly, and Sister Ba taught you to wear the right shorts, and the hips are naturally there. The three-dimensional pocket naturally thickens the flat part of the hips, and there is no effort at all.

The role of the butt pocket is not only to hold things, do you dare to sit when you put the key inside? The most important thing is to groom your imperfect buttocks.

GRLFRND makes a fuss about the pocket position on the butt, dark shades, creating a three-dimensional pocket effect.

The embroidery in the pocket position not only adds vitality, but also visually diverts the eye from your flat ass.


FWRD exclusively sells Cindy high-crotch shorts

Reference price: $54

In addition to the butt pocket, the pockets on both sides of the front are also the “contouring balm” of the body, and the recently popular long pockets are exposed, and the flesh of the thighs can be covered by sticking out of the pants.

Beavers also use long pockets to embellish monotonous tannin shorts every day, and now I see the girls’ shorts pockets on the street exposed, not that she is not slovenly, in fact, you are not trendy enough!

When the Unravel Project is mentioned, it immediately brings to mind those hot lace-up pants and bomber jackets, but the shorts worn in the reverse make this brand a hit.

The Unravel Project brought a new revolution to denim, directly turning the inner layer of denim shorts to the outside, and printing the “not broken, not standing” slogan on the pocket lining, which was bound to make a new change in denim.


inside-out denim shorts

Reference price: ¥4,708

The CIE Denim who followed him was not far behind, and simply turned the shorts upside down, and the original waistband became a trouser leg, including the pockets were upside down.

On INS is also praised, wave after wave of followers, brain hole is so big, if you don’t start a piece, you feel that you can’t stand firm in the fashion circle.

CIE denim


Reference price: $385.00

If you always feel that your legs are not long enough and the proportions are not perfect, you can be like Kaia Gerber in the choice of shorts.

A small split can not only break the rigid shape, but also change the imperfect leg shape in small details, quietly lengthening the leg line.

Isn’t it a little heartwarming and can’t help chopping your hands? Then Re/Done’s slit shorts you must not miss.

Re/Done is arguably the favorite of many celebrities, Victoria’s secret school Karlie Kloss, Miranda Kerr have been planted by it, and Kaia Gerber and Kendall are also in love with it.

Speaking of Re/Done, it was also co-created by Jamie Mazur and Sean Barron, former fiancés of former Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio.

The cool “old clothes makeover” concept and the wonderful salt of countless supermodels such as Alessandra Ambrosio promise that every woman has her own seamless jeans.

Re/Done believes that Levi’s represents the spirit of denim, and that the folds and faded wear of each pair of jeans are a mark and memory.

So Levi’s old jeans are disassembled into denim, cleaned, reshaped and sewn into one-of-a-kind pieces. This is not only environmental protection in the true sense, but also a new trend.

This high-waisted pants with a long leg and a small slit are easy to wear and show the length of the legs, and I am afraid that I will not be able to grab it if I don’t start!


Side zip denim shorts

Reference price: ¥2,778

In fact, for the imperfection of the body, Sister Ba personally feels that the small belly is the best hidden defect.

Loose tops, or high-waisted pants, are all tricks to hide the flesh on your belly.

Model-turned-Paige Adams-Geller transformed into a jeans brand Paige, she hopes that everyone can get rid of the shackles of dressing and hope that everyone will live with passion, which also coincides with the free spirit of denim.

Paige’s design is from a practical point of view, comfort and good looks are the basic principles, high-waisted shorts are even more high-rise artifacts, so that you are all legs below the waist, leg length aura rises by three points!

High-waisted hot pants, tightly wrapping the meat on the excess waist and stomach, without a swimming ring, the whole person is more than a little energetic at once.


Emmit’s cotton denim shorts

Reference price: ¥1,498

The pear-shaped body, as the most common body of typical Asian women, is the distress of countless girls. If you want to wear shorts in the summer, but you are afraid that the flesh of your thighs will not have nowhere to place, roll up and flip shorts to find out.

Since it cannot be hidden, then it has to rely on decoration and embellishments to divert attention. The design of the rolled and flipped edges is relatively loose and can also divert attention.

The raw edges break the classic shorts shape, and they also have a little hot atmosphere, even if the shorts are too short, the raw edges can be pulled back to the normal edges.

Brandy Melville’s brand philosophy is quite confident: either be skinny or invite you out!

Brandy Melville’s clothes are only size S, from high-waisted shorts and miniskirts to cropped tops.

S size or average size of almost one water. Sisters can buy one and wear it every day to measure it, comparable to a scale. As long as you can wear it, it proves thin!

Brandy Melville


Reference price: $36

Asymmetrical designs always attract people with a sense of freshness, and asymmetrical hot pants are a must-have for fashionable elites.

Under the asymmetrical modification, the asymmetry of the front short and the back length inadvertently lengthens the legs, and the back will not worry about showing more and embarrassing.

R13’s ripped shorts can be said to be sought after by various stars in recent years, in addition to his asymmetrical design points, the ripped opening design is more breathable.

R13’s double-layer shorts, different from the previous shape, let us understand shorts and open a new door. Such fresh and fashionable shorts, no one may really dare to wear them without confidence.

The torn denim brand R13 with retro rock, this handsome feeling, makes the neutral cool burn, and plays “beautiful handsome style” to the extreme.

After looking at so many shorts, have you met “The One” that belongs to you?


Shredded Slouch Short – White

Reference price: $365

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