Keya is really beautiful, let’s see her first appearance, worthy of Bai Fumei

One Piece has been serialized for 20 years, it is estimated that most fans watch this anime, they have a history of more than 10 years, do you remember the first One Piece content?

Here the editor takes you to revisit the One Piece manga, today is the 23rd episode “Captain Usopp appears”

On the title page, Mr. Frog makes barrels for Solon

Luffy only thought about eating

Nami must have been super speechless with these two guys

Dangdangdang, Captain Usopp appeared

It’s like setting an alarm every day

Usopp thought to himself: Nima, what a fight, it hurts

There is a reason why Usopp was able to run so fast later, so there are few geniuses in this world, and hard work is king

The two children, later reappearing on the title page, became handsome

The real pirates are coming!

Lord Usopp, this disease was committed earlier

This ability to see the wind makes the rudder strong enough

That’s the importance of the navigator

Soda is here to be funny

What kind of generals, what kind of soldiers to bring out

Usopp’s IQ was blown up by Nami

It’s so easy, it’s easy to sit down and drink tea together

The inner relationship between the two, Usopp will not mention to outsiders

What a good guy, Luffy and Nami

What a beautiful girl~ (Color-colored editor)


In the future, the editor will update a word every day, which is this kind of Chinese colorful comic! (Genuine please support Tencent Comics) Remember to follow~

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