South Korea’s Withjeans jeans jeans carcinogens exceed the standard, sold in China, netizens panicked

Recently, the Korean Consumer Institute tested 30 well-known brands of jeans sold on the market, and found that the carcinogens and heavy metals in 4 brands of jeans exceeded the standard.

Among them, the aromatic amines in the fabric of Withjeans, an adult brand jeans, exceed the standard value by 2.7 times, which can cause skin inflammation and even cancer in prolonged contact with the skin, and have been listed as carcinogens by the International Center for Research on Cancer; in addition, the Korean Consumer Agency also found that the content of nickel, a heavy metal that can cause contact dermatitis, exceeded the standard value on the buttons on the inside of the jeans of ESN, Modified and Wittyboys, up to 6.2 times the standard value. At present, the Korea Consumer Institute has asked four problem companies to stop sales and recall related products. It is worth noting that the reporter also found hundreds of links to brands such as Wittyboy on domestic e-commerce platforms, many of which are jeans products, here to remind consumers to choose carefully when buying.

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Netizen: It’s good that I don’t like to wear jeans

Source: Beiwan New Vision Comprehensive CCTV Finance Netizen Commentary

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