If the Fit does not change, it is equivalent to buying for nothing! Overhauled carbon fiber hood, front lip, middle mesh, wheels

The Honda Fit can be said to be the existence of a “civilian supercar” in the hearts of domestic car fans, just as many owners ridicule the purchase of engines and send cars. I have to admit that within 100,000 yuan, the Fit is the model with the strongest power and the most modified parts. As long as it is properly modified, it is possible to skip the challenge. In this issue, I will share with you the Honda Fit modification case.

Retrofitting process

Basic vehicle information: 2018 1.5L manual comfort model

Retrofit Checklist:

1. CMST carbon fiber hood; 2. CMST carbon fiber front lip; 3. CMST carbon fiber middle mesh; 4. CUSCO tic-tac-toe reinforcement; 5. CUSCO front bottom reinforcement; 6. Yapandi 15 inch low pressure cast black wheels

The modified parts are basically foreign brands, mainly with high product accuracy.

The retrofit officially begins

, first remove the engine cover and replace the carbon fiber cabin cover.

The black carbon fiber lid and the red body form a color contrast, which looks very cool.

Chassis tic-tac-toe reinforcement is added. Function: Because the car is subjected to external forces on the road surface during driving, it will cause the distortion of the body. The less rigid the car, the greater the distortion caused by the body. If the rigidity of the body is strengthened, the body will absorb the impact of the ground and improve driving comfort. Therefore, the advantage of the well frame is to strengthen the overall rigidity of the frame chassis. The high-strength body can effectively disperse torque.

The blue color looks very eye-catching.

Carbon fiber front lip and center grille are added.

The front lip can rectify the whole vehicle, reduce the airflow through the bottom of the car, and reduce the lifting force caused by the air flow under the car to improve the stability of the car.

Go up the platform and change the wheels.

Yapandi 15-inch wheels, black wheels and black carbon fiber cabin cover echo each other.

After the modification of the real car, the big picture is coming!

Picture of the wings of Dapeng

Front 45 degrees

Top view

After 45 degrees


Honda Fit as a modified god car in the hearts of a generation, if you own it but do not modify it, then it is no different from a grocery car. A fit that you don’t want to modify is not a good fit! In fact, modifying and tossing your own car is a very fun thing, you can rely on modification to meet your own needs, and meet many like-minded friends in the process.

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