Taste of Shenzhen: Two time-honored delicacies hidden in the city, and those who love to eat should not miss it

Committed to eating all over Shenzhen’s food, sharing the two time-honored delicacies in Shenzhen that he recently ate

Maca oven

I always knew that there was such a long-established naked cake shop in Shenzhen

But I never had a chance to try

After moving, I found it was near where I lived

I can’t miss it as a dessert lover

I ordered afternoon tea several times to eat, and their cake is really worthy of the name,

Pure handmade 0 added naked cake, exclusive low-sugar formula is not sweet

, totally my love!! The cake body is chiffon cake, fluffy and soft, the cream is pure animal cream, it is very refreshing to eat in large bites, and it will not feel tired after eating! My favorite is the naked cake of the melon, Peerless

These two cakes are simply not too pretty!! Completely poked my girly heart! The flower cake that must be ordered on your next birthday, the fairy should have such a cake hee! Their home WeChat can be clicked,

Just search the public number of the Maka oven

! There are often new product activities, and everyone can squat by themselves

Business hours: 8:30-20:30

Address: Nanshan District Shigu Road Dingsheng Golden Mile B Building 01 floor 34

Aunt Qin Enping sugar water shop

Yes, this is my third visit to this store, and although everyone is in pairs, that doesn’t prevent me from being happy alone

“Sweet potato red beans” I want to pin it first!! Big and small snacks have been some chain and long-established sugar water shops, and my favorite is their sweet potato cotton! Glutinous! Q bomb! I’m really curious how this Q bomb is made, it’s delicious

“Hot vegetables” As long as the hot dishes are fresh, it is not a problem! Mostly sauce! Their sauce is relatively thick, like a rich soup prepared by themselves, very Cantonese feeling, and the mouth is very fragrant.

The environment in the alley is general, the atmosphere is amazing, from spicy hot orders to sugar water are orderly, and aunts and brothers will personally help deliver drops to the table

PS: Chili pepper should remember to go to Aunt Qin’s hot spicy hot place to add oh! Their chili sauce is also so fragrant! And it won’t be very spicy, rest assured to add

Business hours: 9:00-24:00

Address: No. 17, Oyster Street, Bao’an District

To say more, there is a Huilai mung bean cake shop next to it, a box of 12 is only ten yuan, and it can be kept for half a month. If you like to eat mung bean cake, don’t miss it, I think the taste is very good

What other delicious time-honored food in Shenzhen can Amway give me~

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