For the New Year’s goods, these 8 categories should be bought in advance, stored at home, and taken as you go without spending money

In the blink of an eye, 2021 is about to pass, and the 2022 Spring Festival is coming! Many experienced friends often buy New Year goods in advance. Although, now large supermarkets are closed Chinese New Year’s Eve the same day, and they go to work on the first day of junior high school! However, to put it without exaggeration, the New Year goods around the Spring Festival, one price a day, is the high sesame blossom festival! Therefore, when buying New Year goods, you may wish to buy the following 8 categories home, which are durable and stored, so that we can spend less money.

1. Rice noodles

In the north for the New Year, flour is used the most! Take Shandong, where Lao Yu is located, for example, on the eve of the New Year, almost every household will make jujube dumplings, and even some places will make flower dumplings to eat. Whether it is jujube dumplings or flower dumplings, the amount of steaming will be particularly large, firstly, it is used to visit relatives and friends, and secondly, these dumplings are one of the staple foods for guests during the Spring Festival!

Secondly, this is not counting the flour used in other pasta dishes such as dumplings, buns, and fried noodle fish. The shelf life of rice noodles is generally about one to two years, and buying it home in advance can at least spend a lot less money during the Spring Festival.

2. Dried seafood

Seafood dry goods, as long as they are properly stored, there is no problem for a year and a half. For example, the larger size of sea rice, when eating, just soak it in water, and mix it with cucumber to be a delicious appetizer, that is, refreshing and delicate, the key to drinking wine is very good, and it is also nutritious.


Dried seafood commonly used in the New Year generally includes dried shrimp, clam meat, sea rice, dried squid, dried oyster meat, Yaozhu and so on. Different dried seafood can be eaten differently. For example, dried shrimp, put in the oven or microwave, heated at 200 degrees for two or three minutes and put on the plate is a very delicious appetizer, and the clam meat can be eaten directly, very chewy! After the dried squid is steamed soft, it tastes like shredded squid.

3. Dry vegetable goods

Dry vegetables also have the advantage of long storage time. Although fresh vegetables are now available all year round, the taste of dried vegetables is unique, and the nutritional value is also high, and the meaning is good! Common dried vegetables include dried bamboo shoots, yellow cauliflower, kelp, dried peppers and various fungi.

Tips: The conditions for the storage of dried vegetables are not high, as long as they are ventilated and dry. When eating, you need to soak in advance, whether it is stewed meat or stir-fried, it is quite delicious.

4. Wax flavor dry goods

As the old saying goes: no wax, no year!

In the Han Dynasty’s “General Meaning of Customs”, it was written: Zhou used big wax, and Han changed to wax. The ra, the hunter, and the yantian hunted birds and beasts to sacrifice their ancestors. Therefore, the December of the solar calendar every year is called the lunar month! At this time, the temperature and dry humidity are just right, and the meat is salted and then dried or smoked, and it is a delicious waxy taste.

As long as you enter the door of La Yue, whether it is the south or the north, you can often see the bacon, sausages, chicken, duck and other flavors of bacon dried outside the window. You can smell the smell of wax when you walk on the street! As we all know, the sooner you buy a New Year product like wax flavor, the more cost-effective.

5. Dried fruits

The most indispensable thing for the New Year is dried fruit food, whether it is a family gathered around to watch the Spring Festival Gala, or entertaining guests, peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts and other dried fruit foods must be indispensable! Generally speaking, dried fruit food, as long as it is placed in a bag or jar and sealed in the mouth, will not be a problem for a month or two.

6. Candy

Every Spring Festival, fructose is indispensable in all New Year goods! However, when you go to buy candy near the Spring Festival, you will find that good candy is picked up very early, not early, not waiting for the supermarket to open to buy, almost no good candy! Old Yu is really not alarmist, the year before last for the New Year, I thought that the supermarket was open every day, even if the shelves were sold out, they would be replenished immediately, take a nap at noon, and go again in the afternoon, as a result, I was speechless in the face of empty shelves.

The key is approaching the Spring Festival, and supermarkets also have times when they are out of stock. Therefore, New Year goods such as candy, buy early to be prepared, besides, as long as the candy is placed in a low temperature and dry environment, three or five months can not be broken!

7. Frozen seafood

During the Chinese New Year, seafood is scarce, and most of the seafood is almost frozen! Many friends think that frozen seafood is poor quality seafood! Actually, that’s not the case. Arctic shrimp, for example, are harvested from the extremely cold deep sea and must be processed and frozen immediately, otherwise the quality will suffer. The processed and frozen Arctic shrimp only need to be blanched with boiling water when eating.

Tips: Frozen seafood is commonly found in sea shrimp, shellfish meat, various deep-sea fish, octopus, etc. Note: Buy frozen seafood at home, try to put it directly into the freezer or refrigerator, and then thaw it when eating, so as to ensure the taste.

8. Green onion, ginger and garlic (three-piece set of seasoning in a frying pan)

When the New Year comes, the most jubilant price is not meat, nor seafood, but the most inconspicuous, popping pot three-piece, they are green onions, ginger, garlic! You know, during the New Year, whether cooking dishes, or making dumplings and steamed buns, green onions, ginger and garlic are indispensable seasonings. In fact, these three things are stored for a long time. Garlic is fine for two or three months, ginger and green onions are fine for 1 month! Therefore, these three things may as well be prepared in advance, and it is absolutely less wasted money!

The above is the content shared with you today, now it is close to New Year’s Day, and then it will be the New Year, for our ordinary families, buying things well planned, can definitely save a lot of money, if you still have which New Year goods can be prepared in advance, or better insights, welcome to leave a message in the comment area to share! Finally, thank you for watching, thank you!

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