Hunan cuisine (Chaling tofu milk)

Chaling County, subordinate

Zhuzhou City



Eastern. Arrive north


, Nantong


, west connection


, eastern neighbor


, with an area of 2,500 square kilometers. Located in the east longitude, Chaling County is the only administrative county named after tea in Chinese history. Because it is located in the “Yin of the Tea Mountain”, the ancestor of the Chinese nation, Yandi

Shen nong

The clan is named after “buried at the end of the tea country”.

The dish I want to talk about today is more special and more ordinary, and the special thing is that it has accompanied me throughout elementary school and junior high school. Since the fifth grade of primary school, our students here have to board the school, we only need to pay rice, and the dishes are brought by ourselves. Everyone knows that boarding in school is normally not allowed to go back from Monday to Friday, and you can’t bring too many fresh dishes with you. At this time, “tofu milk” can be called a perfect solution to our food and clothing problem at that time. And you can finish a large bowl of rice with just one small piece per meal. Now it is a solid “rice man”. This situation continued until the first year of junior high school, when a cauldron dish was set up. It is enough to pay for food once a semester, but we have bitter words, the school basically cooks tofu, boils pumpkin, boils Chinese cabbage, etc., which is really difficult for us flowers who are growing their bodies to accept! Occasionally, I will come to eat meat, which is a bit like our feet during the anti-Japanese period. At this time, it was time for our mother brand “Tofu Milk” to perform the classic case of Wei Wei saving Zhao (just kidding), and just like that, our junior high school began a new journey accompanied by our mother’s brand “Tofu Milk”.

I have been out for many years, and I have bought “tofu milk” many times in other places and online, but the taste is completely different from my mother’s brand “tofu milk”. The tofu milk from our hometown tastes a bit like foie gras, has a special aroma, and this aroma stays in the mouth for a long time.

As for the preparation method, I have only seen my mother dry tofu for many days in the winter, then add a layer of chili noodles to the tofu, put it in a jar, and then wait for a month or so to eat it. Have the same experience and like the little friends. Let’s communicate together, thank you!

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