“The Little Prince”: Illuminate the corners of your heart, discover your imperfect self, and live a wonderful life

Sometimes people’s eyes, looking at the world, all things, and others, do not see themselves; can see the faults of others, but do not see their own shortcomings; can see the greed of others, but do not see your own stinginess; can see the ignorance of others, but cannot see your own ignorance; But there is a book that shows us the six common diseases that are common in adults from the perspective of children, if we compare them, some will be changed, and if not, we will aggravate the grievances, and believe that our future is not a dream.

The book is The Little Prince, a famous fairy tale written in 1942 by French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. We all know that fairy tales are written for children, but there are many adults who like to read them, do you know why? Let me tell you the story of the Little Prince first.

The little prince comes from a tiny, tiny planet in outer space, with only three volcanoes and a rose. The little prince’s daily tasks are simple: sweep the volcano, take care of the roses, and watch the sunset. But one day, the little prince wants to travel around space and visit other planets. So, he visited six small planets and met six strange adults.

On the first planet, there lived a king who was particularly fond of power, and wanted to order others all day long. He tells the little prince that he rules over everything in the universe, and even the stars have to obey his orders. Every word the king said to the little prince was an order.

On the second planet, there lives a vain person who can only hear words of praise. Those who love vanity want the little prince to worship him, and the little prince to constantly applaud him. Because, only by being worshiped, can he be happy. He could only hear people praising him, and he couldn’t hear anything else.

On the third planet, there lives an alcoholic who always makes excuses for bad habits. This alcoholic is ashamed of drinking, drinking more because of shame, and then continuing to be ashamed, continuing to drink, simply can’t stop, into an endless loop.

On the fourth planet, a merchant lives who, for money, ignores the really useful things. The merchant wants to own the stars, become a monopoly, and buy more stars. The merchant said, “I can count them, again and again, and I write the number of stars on a small note and lock the note in a drawer, which is equivalent to depositing the stars in the bank!” “That’s what it means for businessmen to have more stars.

On the fifth planet, there lives a person who lights up and turns off the street lamp every minute, and he simply has no time to rest.

On the sixth planet, there lives a geographer who only cares about the things in books that will never change.

After watching the story of six people, do you think that the people of the six planets are strange. You might laugh at it and say, “Oh my God, that power-loving king is ridiculous!” The vain man who wants to applaud is so stupid! That drunkard is so useless! That businessman is so pathetic! The man who lit the lamp was so pitiful! The life of that geographer was so boring. However, after laughing, you will find that we are full of such people. They can be found even in ourselves.

So, what should we do?

1. Don’t be like the king of power, who always likes to order others, and no one wants to listen to orders. We should pay attention to the tone of our speech, maintain normal communication with people, and use a consultative tone when we have something.

2. Don’t be a vain person, let go of vanity, and don’t always be surprised by things, such as handsome and rich. Don’t always compare yourself to others. Don’t just listen to praise and not criticism.

3. Don’t make excuses, find your bad habits, you must correct them in time. Believe that you can, and constantly give yourself encouragement, often saying to yourself: “I can”, “I can do it”. If you have improved, don’t forget to give yourself some rewards and motivate yourself to continue moving forward.

4. Correctly understand the value of money and establish a correct view of money. If the money is only used in the bank, what is the point of whether the amount of money is more or less? Money should be used for meaningful things, so that money can play its value more.

5. Correctly understand the meaning of work. Although work is useful, work is not the whole of life, and if one day, work crowds out all the time, it is a big problem. Just like the lamplighter, lighting the lamp once a day is meaningful work, but working for the sake of work, forgetting yourself, forgetting the most important things, is not worth the loss. Therefore, we should make full use of our time, accompany our parents more, and spend happy and warm time with our loved ones.

6. “Read 10,000 books, travel 10,000 miles”, appreciating the scenery along the way is just as important as reading. Reading books can make people gain knowledge, travel thousands of miles will feel the real world, and turn knowledge into enthusiasm and faith in life.

The Little Prince is arguably one of the best works in the world, and it is like a mirror that illuminates the corners of our hearts. Read it too!

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