Poetry appreciation – the sixteenth circle of the moon of the fifteenth, the poem of the sixteenth moon, in the poem looking at the moon and thinking about people

The sixteenth round moon of the fifteenth month, the fifteenth day of the first month, is the time of family reunion, people will eat lanterns, watch the lanterns; The sixteenth day of the first lunar month is the fullest moment of the moon, and in ancient times, people placed good wishes on the moon and expressed their inner emotions to the moon.

“The moon is born on the sea, the end of the world is at this time”, “I hope that people will be long, and a thousand miles will be together”, all of which are swan songs that have been passed down through the ages. The poems of the sixteenth day of the first month, in the poems, look at the moon and think about people!

The night of the sixteenth day of the first lunar month – the second one

Song-Chen and Yi

On the sixteenth night of the first lunar month, the father’s house of Bamboo Fence Field.

The bright moon shines on the shadows of the trees, and the mountains are like dragons and snakes.

Snow on the 16th day of the first month


The bamboo house is more suitable for snow, and the river pavilion is more windy.

Drink yourself when you have a cup, and you don’t need to work for five words.

The willow color is completely gone, and the plum blossom is half-empty.

Although Dongjiang can live, my ambition is in Jiangdong.

The sixteenth day of the first month


Shangyuan has passed the desire to close the lights, and the number of tourists in the city has doubled.

The red dust on the sky is like fog, and the bright moon among the clouds is as cold as ice.

Who says that the world drives away guests, and the old monks are lonely monks.

The leakage is half-extinguished, the lights are cold, and the sky is clear and clear.

On the 16th day of the first month, there is an occasional gift in the garden

Song-Lu You

and to Chai Jing to live the yuan, luxury before the need to discuss.

Occasionally, Hua Fa is idle and drunk, and no one is allowed to help her go out.

Boji Mountain once offered jade, and Rong Tu also tasted moose.

Over the years, the dream of Tanglin has been washed, and the old garden of Guarang Xiaoxiao.

Jizhou had a banquet on the 16th day of the first month

Song – Liu Chang

The moon lacks snow and clouds fly chaotically, and a thousand lights continue to shine forever.

Cold and short nights forbidden to drink wine, spring into the east wind to try on dance clothes.

Old Xi Jiachen has gone through the years, drunk and shocked to go out.

The Yuyang Drum Festival is particularly tragic, knowing that I am flying from thousands of miles.

The second rhyme king Jing Yi was on the sixteenth night of the first month of the province and stayed at Jingling Street

Song Mei Yaochen

Palace Street is not closed to the East City Moon, and the round shadow is the night spring.

Since leaping into the golden detention to Su Province, from him to the tent to boast people.

The lights are far and near, and the song is high and low.

I am always unwilling to travel, like a gentleman sleeping in the morning.

On the night of the 16th day of the first month, I went to Jingshi to observe the lanterns

Ming-Gao Qi

Tianjie sings the song “Falling Plum”, and the Que Pearl Lantern Wanshuluo.

Mo Xiao tourists came to see the evening, and the spring breeze seemed to be more than last night.

On the sixteenth night of the first lunar month, when the boat is moored under the city of Li, the sky and the moon are out of manfu – the second

Ming – Lu Longyun

Xiang Chou River rain wide, now see the sea toad born.

The city is still beautiful, and the sails turn bright at night.

Thinking about the bottom of the lonely lamp, alone in the travel.

It’s a pity that in the good night, the long chanting is more and more loud.

The sixteenth night of the first lunar month is restored

Qing – Wang Fuzhi

Out of the Xiu trial Juanjuan, the light invaded the sky.

Last night was deep rain, and the first night was not round.

Transparent blue defrost air, condensed sunset smoke.

Mei Xiang came near and far, and felt a little slight.

On the 16th day of the first month, Langzhou was sent out of Guomen Youzuo

Qing – Zhong Junsheng

As soon as you leave the suburbs, there is love, and the spring breeze is like a guest.

The good mountain shows me Jingguan painting, and the flowing water is clear to the sound of drumming.

Bean wheat Yingpo new rain feet, pine cedar and ancient fragrant.

There is nothing to do in the basket town, chatting and supporting the evening sun.

Wei Chi Cup – On the sixteenth night of the first month, the moonlight is very good, sitting in the sea flounder, relying on this to send one or two deceased people

Qing-Fan Zengxiang

The lamp beads turn. Baoyue, cold immersion deep courtyard.

Lotus urges jade to leak three ends, and the toad eats gold and doubles the fan.

Wu Lang leaned on Gui, just saw it, and his head was full of jade.

When remembering the year, the palace pressed the golden ao, and a pair of green phoenix Fuchen.

Tonight’s lonely palace, the sky is expected to be in the Qiong Tower, and the jade is cold and shallow.

The blue sea and the blue sky are so limited, they have seen several times and Meishan verdant.

Bright candle bottom, red and white, Mo quietly entered, Tang Palace picked up pink arrows.

When I wanted to return to Jiao’e and Yu Shu, Guanghan was still a string.

On the sixteenth night of the first moon, looking at the moon and gathering Fan Nanyue, he was relieved

Hyundai – Xiong Shengyuan

The home is close to the red dragon curved waterfront, and the business is flowing dust for a year.

The furnace smoke is gone, and there are still more people in the month.

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