PHILIPS Philips Norelco S9731 Electric Shaver VS RQ1050 Simple comparison

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When I went to Singapore a few years ago, I came across Carrell Ford and bought the Philips RQ 1050, (I have forgotten why I have to go to Carrefour to Singapore). Now I feel that the knife head is not as sharp as before, and I checked the previous manual and found that it should actually be replaced once a year.

Check the price of the knife head again… Why is it so expensive, the cheapest that looks more authentic is also 600 bigger.

Think about it, forget it, it’s better to change to a new 9031, Aunt Zhang recommends about 1000.

Who thought that on December 15, Meiya Lightning Special, Philips 9700 (actually 9731) only 224.99, a historical low. Count down to the early 1400s. (forgot to calculate the shipping fee at that time) less than 400 yuan more than the S9031, an extra cleaning bucket, cleaning brushes, and the machine is displayed as a percentage (not three bars of power).

Looking at the price of a certain East Global Purchase, the cheapest one is more than 2,500. What do you think? Buy buy buy

No cashback, equivalent to RMB 1459.81. Including the shipping fee of 144.03, a total of 1600 soft sister coins. I kind of regret that I didn’t buy 9031.

During the transshipment process, there was also a little accident, someone from SF Qingdao entered the wrong single number, and the express that was still on the way to Modu was displayed by the system to be sent to Qingdao. Fortunately, in the end, it turned out to be a false alarm.

This article mainly includes several parts:

1. Unpack

2. Product and detailed introduction

Third, S9731 compared with RQ1050

4. Subjective use and follow-up maintenance and maintenance costs

V. Summary

(You can actually unbox one, use a review article, and cheat gold coins twice.) But the landlord is lazy, so… )

—————————————————— the splitting line for unboxing———————————————————————

One day after the New Year, a large box from Meiya was received. There was a small box in the big box.

On the small box: Made in the Netherlands (actually unpacked, many peripherals are made in China)

I thought there was a beautiful box in the box, but the inner tank came to me so bare.

I have to say that this packaging is really environmentally friendly

The first is a product description, brochure and warranty card.

Inside the long box is the carrying case and the shaver body.

The small square box is the sideburns, cleansing brush, power supply, and head removal tool.

What I don’t like is that there is no beard styler, well, although I can’t use that.

The white box is the cleaning liquid, and it passed smoothly

The large box is a cleaning bucket of the PRO type

A whole bunch of stuff scattered around

Change your posture and it looks much fresher. (PS: The cleaning solution seems to avoid direct sunlight)

Let’s look at it another way.

-—————————————— products and details————————————————————

A battery percentage display is provided on the front, and three levels of force are adjustable. The back is made of skin-like material.

The 8-way veneer sensing system is actually more than before, and three blade heads can be swung at will.

It is more convenient to replace the knife head as long as it is pulled out. But I always worry that it will be easy to break

Take a look at the details of the knife head: the most important thing is this shaving head, and the biggest difference compared to the previous one is the convex shape.

An independent spring bracket under each head supports the oscillation, creating a so-called 8-way veneer sensing system.

The entire surface can be disassembled directly, and the support column under each head has a spring that can be slightly oscillated.

The red one is used to remove the blade, and the blade can be removed with a gentle turn of the clamp.

The legendary double-blade and V-shaped precision shaving system.

Knife head enlargement as well as knife mesh. According to Philips’ recommendation, change the head every 1 year.

Separate sideburns. The advantage is that the cutter head can be replaced, and the disadvantage is that it is very troublesome to use.

The posture of the card up has to be said to be quite weird

Personally, I think that the strange thing: cleansing brush, and can not brush shaving cream, can only be used to cleanse the face, cleaning is troublesome. This is only used by multi-lady cannons.

Various poses of three heads. (The bracket below is RQ1050)

Comes with a travel sleeve that doesn’t have any features.

Cleaning bucket for the Pro version. The button on the left can be raised with a press to put the cleaning solution.

Made in China cleaning bucket, 15V, 5.4W.

Cleaning solution sent: <5% anionic surfactant, 2-phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, perfume.

Translated Chinese are: < 5% anionic surfactant, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, perfume.

The usual posture.

———————————— S9731 vs. RQ1050——————————————————

To be honest, the S9731 did not have much surprise after getting it, and it felt that there was not much difference from the previous RQ1050, and even some functions were omitted

The appearance of the two is basically the same, but the skin-like material and shape behind the S9731 make it more comfortable to hold.

The shaving head looks quite different, but it is actually 2 circles of knife nets. It’s just that the S9731 adds a floating function, so it bulges outward. But then came the problem: the S9731 does not have a head protection cap

The knife head of RQ1050 is not disassembled as a whole, but directly opened, in fact, I personally feel that it is more convenient and will not fall.

In addition, the RQ1050 comes with a sideburns knife function, which does not require the replacement of the knife head, which is more convenient. Of course, the disadvantage is that the sideburns cannot be replaced if they are worn. But…. Will this wear out a lot?

Also, the RQ1050 uses contact charging, which requires a stand or carrying case, but the waterproof should be OK.

While the S9731 is bottom charging, but the water resistance is debatable.

Matching carrying case. The RQ1050 uses a hard case with soft protection inside, which feels more secure and provides bottom charging.

On the contrary, S9731 is a flannel cover, and the protection ability is weaker.

Charging bracket for RQ1050 and head protection cover VS S9731 cleaning bucket.

The charger has basically changed much.

——————————4. Subjective use and post-maintenance ——————————————————————

1. Veneer: Because the landlord has more facial flesh, it feels that the contact area between the two and the skin is similar. But if the face is tougher, I feel that the veneer of the S9731 will be much better.

1. Shaving: Because the landlord’s hair is relatively soft (good temper?). ), so there is no need for a razor that is too violent. The reciprocating vibration and sound are too loud, so Philips rotary knife mesh is always used. However, the S9731 still needs to be driven to 3rd gear to be more comfortable. Personally, excluding aging factors: S9731 is not very different from RQ1050.

2. Battery: After using it for a week, about 88% remains, so it doesn’t matter at all if you stick to 20 minutes.

3. Cleaning: start at 10 o’clock in the morning, clean for 15 minutes, and dry for more than 1 hour. But it is indeed relatively clean after cleaning.

The cleaning solution is reduced visibly visible to the naked eye compared before and after use

According to foreigners: cleaning every day, can only be used for less than a month. If we use it to clean every two weeks, I don’t know if it can last half a year

转运过程中,还出了一点小意外,顺丰青岛某人把单号输错,还在送往魔都路上的快件被系统显示送到了青岛。 还好最后发觉是虚惊一场。

Replacement cost: 3 barrels about 70 yuan, but I am worried that I can’t transfer it. A box of 80 yuan soft sister coins on Taobao is about 80 yuan.

If it is too expensive, or the local tyrants like to wash it every day, you can refer to the foreigner’s own formula on Meiya: 70% isopropyl alcohol mixed with wintergreen oil and glycerin. (The original formula was: <5% anionic surfactant, 2-phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, perfume.< 5% anionic surfactant, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, perfume.) The landlord did not try it and did not dare to comment

If the knife head is replaced, Philips suggests: replace it once a year, and the cost of three to the end is 60 US dollars, nearly 400 yuan. (The price of a Fiko razor too)

5. Maintenance cost, according to the annual replacement of 2 barrels of cleaning liquid, the price of 1 knife head is: 550 yuan. Can’t afford it, can’t use it. Of course, you can also endure, change the knife head once every two years, once cleaning liquid (or prepare yourself), the price is about 250 yuan.

—————————————— Summary————————————————————————

Well, to summarize:


1. 8-layer floating cutter head, three-level force adjustable;

2. The cleaning bucket is relatively clean and convenient;

3. The grip is relatively comfortable


1. The disassembly of the cutter head is not as convenient as RQ1050;

2. The sideburns blade head is independent and inconvenient to use;

3. The protection strength of the portable case is much worse than that of RQ1050;

3. The replacement and maintenance cost of knife head and cleaning liquid is high. (Of course, the number of replacements can also be reduced).

Overall, the personal feeling: the average user, using a 5-speed power display (not a power percentage), the S9031 without a cleaning bucket is enough.

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