All steel HPL borderless anti-static floor why is the price so expensive

All-steel anti-static floor has boundless and edged, most customers come to consult, ask about seamless anti-static floor, because they do not understand, in fact, that is, borderless anti-static floor, the simple difference between the two types of flooring is, one is with black edges, one is without black edges. But in fact, they are different in price and production process, function and construction process.

Borderless anti-static flooring

Borderless anti-static floor in terms of production process, his steel plate is much thicker than the edged, like the future star anti-static floor manufacturers produced borderless anti-static floor steel plate is 06*07, and the edge floor steel plate is 05*05, so in terms of strength, boundless is better than edged, relatively speaking, the price is more expensive.

In terms of construction technology, because the steel plate of the edgeless floor is thick, the cutting difficulty is higher than that of the edge when cutting at the corner. And because the borderless floor is not protected by black edges, the gap should be very neat when installing, and it cannot damage the floor, and it is necessary to use someone with higher construction technology to install it. In this way, the cost of construction will also be much higher. So why is the price of all-steel borderless anti-static floor so expensive, mainly because it is expensive in these places.

Borderless anti-static flooring

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