With 38 degrees+ heat, these shorts are my summer relief artifact


In the hot summer season, which is the hottest time of the year, every day I want to hide in the refrigerator and soak in the pool, in addition to doing a variety of sun protection measures, beware of heat stroke, we should also wear cool.

So what is the coolest piece of clothing?

Without a doubt, short sleeves (t-shirts, shirts) and shorts.

These two types of pieces have been said again and again in the beginning of summer, and your eyes will see the cocoon. However, today Yezi is not here to fry cold rice, but to take an inventory,

The type of basic shorts that a man’s wardrobe should have

Ye Zi believes that many people should also have one or two of them, and there are still one or two months in the season and the summer is almost over, and it seems that if you “start to make up”, you can’t scratch it. But this is not the case for southern men, and the hot weather will continue until at least November. So, if you still owe which one, you might as well match it so that you can spend the rest of your hot days comfortably and decently.

▼ The following types of shorts are mainly distinguished by material and use:

Suit shorts (Bermuda shorts)

The first is the type of more formal point.

When it comes to Bermuda shorts, many people know that they are 2 to 3 cm long shorts on the knee, and if this criterion is used alone, then “Bermuda” should be a type of pants rather than a specific type of pants.

However, this is not rigorous, because Bermuda also requires the legs to be tucked down, the sides to have pleats, and the design of the trousers is undoubtedly the long trousers, so most of the later short suits are also Bermuda’s fit cuts, the most typical is Thom Browne.

In addition to trouser materials, Bermuda shorts also have khaki, linen, denim and other fabrics. Still, if you want to balance decency and coolness on a hot summer day, then

Bermuda West is short

is the most suitable choice.

The slim fit and the length of the shorts above the knee give it the character of being both right and casual. But with the leaves personally, it is recommended that you wear it in a more formal style, and simply add a shirt is appropriate, compared to other shorts shapes, it will not look too leisurely. A stronger sense of refinement, as a person who does not require long pants to work in the summer, is simply a boon.

In fact, Bermuda West Short also has a “disadvantage”, because its trouser legs are closed down, reducing the role of modifying the leg shape, so it is not very suitable for thick legs, especially men with stronger calves.

But not all trousers are like this, if you belong to men with thick lower bodies and lean upper bodies, then when choosing a short west,

Straight leg


Wide legs

The shape of the trousers is the choice that best suits your needs.

Compared with the Bermuda Western short, these suit shorts are shorter in length, with a wider cuff, and the effect of modifying the leg shape is more obvious. And it is slightly loose and flowy, which can create a youthful and free atmosphere for you.

Denim shorts

Denim shorts are the most common in summer, but they are also one of the most common types of shorts that men are most likely to wear wrong.

Unlike most girls’ denim pants, wearing tight clothes can highlight the curves of the body. The biggest taboo for men is tight denim, otherwise it will make people feel like you are deliberately selling rot, rustic, and lack of high-end sense.

Even if you want to try an oversize with a wide top and a narrow bottom, your denim shorts need to leave a suitable gap for people to look at freely, otherwise you will not be comfortable wearing with the crotch.

After leaving the right space, choosing a style with a cuffed leg or a broken pants design will have more eye-catching design details than ordinary monotonous denim shorts, and a young street style after the upper body is absolutely indispensable.

Of course, in addition to the traditional blue denim material, black, gray and white and other colors can be selected, and they will obviously be more visually noticeable than blue denim shorts, which are often easy to collide.

Cargo shorts (camouflage, khaki shorts)

Putting frock wear, camouflage, khaki and other shorts together is because their materials are mainly twill cotton, so they are very close in texture.

And the domineering and handsome camouflage shorts, just add camouflage elements on the basis of the original khaki or cargo shorts, there is no essential difference, as for its way of dressing, it was mentioned before in the camouflage element chapter, like friends can flip → “The most imposing “camouflage” element makes me turn over the whole summer”

This Part, let’s talk about cargo shorts first.

Just like trousers, many people dislike cargo shorts. In their impression, wearing overalls and shorts are like the following, and the reason for their disgust is nothing more than procrastination, not concise, and unfavorable cord, even if the male god wears it, it is too dissatisfying.

However, we have to admit that the multi-pocket cargo pants themselves are not related to simple Sven, and the masculine rough taste is its charm, and after getting tired of wearing the common slim shorts, it is better to favor it to create a more Man summer workwear Look, and there are a variety of styling changes.

If you think the above two male gods are wearing more wrinkled clothes, then you can choose a flatter style. At this time, the pockets on both sides are not a dragging burden, but exist as a rich Look design element. It is recommended that the length of the pants should be five points or above the knee, not greater than five points, so that there is a level ratio and will not be rough and slender.

▲ Women change into cargo shorts, which are extremely rare for them, and they are also handsome

And then khaki shorts.

To be honest, Ye doesn’t like it subjectively, just as many people don’t like khaki trousers. Nothing else, it’s really too monotonous, the fit is ordinary, there is no eye-catching design, and the material is also low-key, and it looks less stylish compared to denim.

Even so, there are still many people who choose in the summer, because although it is not too prominent, it is definitely not prone to big problems.

At this time, we can put more effort into collocation. Simple khaki shorts are all too commonplace, so tops should also ditch the same bland T-shirts and choose long-sleeved tops, such as shirts, to create more eye-catching proportions. In terms of color, in addition to the common khaki earth, black, and dark blue, it is better to choose the shape of army green khaki shorts + white top, which also shows a lot fresher in summer.

In addition, there are some rare styles that are not so ordinary compared to ordinary khaki pants. For example, we said earlier that several pleats have been added to the sides

Vintage khaki pants

It has a gentlemanly feel of vintage and elegance, even in shorts.

Sports shorts

Finally, sports shorts.

Here the leaf refers to a general range, not only including the polyester chemical fiber fabric-based shorts we wear during daily sports and fitness, but also some drawstring shorts made of pure cotton, which is more sporty in summary.

Although they can also mix and match slightly more formal shirts or coats, they are still more biased in particular, because the soft and sporty fabric texture is not suitable for slightly more serious work and social situations in the summer. But in addition to sports, you can also choose when you are entertained or go out to do errands privately, and enjoy it easily and comfortably.

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