Vases of different shapes, whether they are the same as yours

In the eighties and nineties, with the improvement of people’s living standards, spiritual needs were also high, such as going out to travel, at that time, tourism, is a very worthy thing to show off, take a car to fly to travel, shoot and buy local souvenirs.

In some demolition buildings, a lot of tourist souvenirs were found, at that time, shopping was not as developed as it is today, and when you saw it, you would buy a few pieces and put them at home.

Vases and fake flowers were very popular at that time, there were all kinds of vases, fake flowers were also fake and real, and the red and purple flowers were placed in the living room, which immediately made the living room a lot angry.

Some vases were collected one after another, and there were quite a few types of them. The deepest impression is the kind of vase with ceramic carvings, the white body is carved with three-dimensional flower plants, not only the bottle body is beautiful, the color is also extremely rich, this kind of vase also often appears on the hall shelves of each household, for people to admire.

The other is transparent glass, glass is really a great invention, not only can make drinking glass, but also can make dustproof glass, and exquisite and clear vases, under the light, it is beautiful. Glass vases should be the one with the highest usage rate in the home.

The vase with a sense of design makes the vase no longer a “bottle”, but integrated into the elements of design. It’s also eye-catching.

Red vases are also quite common, Chinese people like red, festive! These vases are also used as ornaments when they are married.

A colorful vase, a metallic vase that reflects a special color when illuminated by light.

This vase is one I like very much, a hand-shaped vase, Qianqianyu hands, with flowers on the palm, like a gift of roses. The exterior also has a slight gradient of colors.

Small vases, used when getting married, just a couple, good things become pairs, tie the knot. But it doesn’t feel very practical.

This vase is actually a prize, with a big “Award” written on the back, a pacesetter of three good students in 1984. It is a kind of rewarding vase, and you can imagine how popular the vase was at that time.

A hollowed-out vase, not a vase to be precise, has a hole with a discharge bulb below, and the light shines out through the hollow bottle, and the upper part can be illustrated.

A specially shaped vase

Make your own handmade vase, if there is no beautiful vase, just make one by hand, and the hands-on ability of people at that time was really powerful. This vase is a transparent glass bottle (probably a bottle with chili sauce) coated with a layer of white lime, then pasted with shells, and some flowers are arranged, which is also a bit exotic.

The use of old things, should be many people have also made such vases, with plastic soda bottles, cut into strips, and then concave shape to make vases, quite a sense of design handmade vases.

Once a dazzling and different shapes of vases, compared with the current comparison, the previous life was still colorful, but now people pursue a simple style, many vases are the same a thousand times, or ordinary people can not afford to buy art.

Have any of the above vases ever been used in your home?

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