Gao Weiguang’s clothes are unique enough, the denim jacket is full of trendy shapes, and this long leg is really enviable

Denim elements have always been able to highlight youthful vitality, make the whole person look refreshed, and have a full age-reducing effect. Denim jackets tend to be more trendy than jeans, and adding a new design to them can make the look more unique.

Artist Gao Weiguang chose a specially shaped denim jacket to highlight the fashion, highlight the unique clothes, and at the same time set off a good figure. Gao Weiguang’s own body conditions are quite superior, long legs with tall height, the whole person has both aura and the vitality of a big boy, which also greatly adds points to the style.

Gao Weiguang’s way of dressing does not show anything special, and his sense of fashion mainly comes from the control of trendy items. Flexibly applying novel elements to outfits, easily shaping fashion, while also highlighting the superior figure, this fashion power and clothing is really impressive!

1. Denim jackets add uniqueness and trend

Although on the whole, Gao Weiguang chose the simple matching of denim jacket layered with solid color underwear, which is quite common in daily life, but the fashion effect presented is quite unusual, and it can even be called a fashion template for trendy men.

(1) Unique pieces add a sense of fashion

First of all, in the choice of items, Gao Weiguang’s taste is quite outstanding, he did not choose the same solid color denim top, but with a colliding white denim and washed denim combined jacket, so that the whole body looks fashionable.

Not only has the color scheme made a unique design, but in terms of shape and style, the denim jacket chosen by Gao Weiguang is also quite outstanding. One arm is designed with a lantern shape to be chic and casual, while the other side is a chic cascading design to make the matching more layered, and the overall matching is novel and unique.

(2) The combination of color matching depth is simple and generous

The denim jacket looks quite fresh overall, while the inner layer is selected in a pure black color, which contrasts with the light-colored coat, making the whole body easy to combine with shades. Of course, this combination also has a good effect on highlighting the figure, and the light-colored cardigan with the dark underwear can visually show the slimmer figure, so Gao Weiguang looks quite tall and tall.

(3) Loose trousers wear long legs

When choosing pants, Gao Weiguang combined with loose pure black trousers to make the overall outfit more casual, of course, the material with a sense of drape can lengthen the proportion of the body vertically, so although the fit is very loose, but it sets off the superior long legs, with age-reducing small white shoes, showing the figure while adding more youthful vitality.

2. Versatile styling highlights superior figure

Gao Weiguang’s superior figure not only comes from outstanding own conditions, but also contributes to the modification of the figure by dressing. His outfit not only allows him to switch between styles, but also does not forget to define his figure, which is trendy and looks superior.

(1) Straight-leg trousers lengthen the leg proportion

In men’s wear, slim pants are always rare, and slightly loose pants can actually define the leg line. Gao Weiguang chose denim trousers with a slight loose feeling, and the slightly stiff material is very inclusive of the leg line, and the legs are straight and slender. Combined with the high waist outer wear to enhance the waist line, the effect of long legs is really superior.

(2) Wide-leg pants show a more upright posture

Materials with a light feel tend to make your body stand out with a wide-leg fit. The black wide-leg pants chosen by Gao Weiguang and the shoes of the same color also visually form a sense of unity, thereby lengthening the leg proportions, even if you simply layer a basic T-shirt, a good physique and superior body are difficult to hide!

If you want to wear wide-leg pants for a super fashion effect, you can also consider using different colors and styles to match, such as small white shoes can make the overall look lighter, and mixing and matching shirts is a little more formal, with a high waist to highlight the figure, so that the overall match is quite colorful.

(3) The same color is layered without showing dullness

Gao Weiguang’s dressing skills are not shallow, he not only has sharp taste, but also reflects super clothes when matching. A blazer with a loose feel and a contract color T-shirt as an underwear, which breaks away from the dullness of a single color scheme through casual casualness, while the straight high-waisted pants at the bottom choose the same color system to create a sense of wholeness, while the small color difference adds layers to make the look look richer.

Even if it is a heavy sweatshirt, it can be worn by Gao Weiguang to show off youthful vitality, and at the same time show off his long legs and good figure. Men’s sweatshirts are not suitable for high-waisted wear, so choosing a sweatshirt with a cinched design can make the upper and lower joints look smoother.

Since sweatshirts tend to have a heavy feel, pairing with lightweight bottoms is a common way to say goodbye to dullness in the overall look, and of course, the pants fit is loose but not bloated at all, so the look is still handsome.

(4) Novel wearing methods make the look more colorful

In addition to these matching methods often used in daily life, Gao Weiguang also often uses novel wearing methods to make the shape more colorful, light-colored printed short-sleeved shirts make the whole person look cool and casual, and he matches white long sleeves as an inner layer, forming a novel way to wear the outer short and the inner length, and the light-colored matching is also more fresh and unique.

Although Gao Weiguang has an enviable good figure, most of his fashion styling is due to his superior clothing and vision, in his trend matching, it can only be said that the figure has played a role in the icing on the cake, and the control of fashion trends is the key to creating a superior look. The figure has never determined the fashion effect, and improving your fashion taste and dressing skills is the right way to open the trend.

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