I can’t figure out my preferences and can’t get the size, Father’s Day, I advise you not to buy clothes for your father

Father’s Day is approaching, children will always buy some gifts for their fathers on Father’s Day to show their hearts, of course, some people choose to give their fathers clothes, hoping that their fathers will wear them in good spirits. And when you really pick it up, many people will realize that the big hole in the Father’s Day gift is clothes.

Editor on duty / Prepare to accompany Dad for a drink of black chestnuts

1 Who doesn’t have a daddy who wears seven wolves

I go to school and work all year round, and even fashion-savvy people don’t know what kind of clothes my dad is wearing. Children who are used to visiting large shopping malls may not know that Seven Wolf and Hailan House are the most frequent stores frequented by fathers. For dads, foreign brands are not good, and they are even more reluctant to spend too much money on wearing, and in his father’s heart, a domestic jacket is enough for him to wear for many years.

Current Chinese menswear brands such as Lilang, Hailan House, Seven Wolves, Jinlilai and Youngor are loved by their fathers, but young people in first-tier cities hardly know where their stores are, only remember the smart dance steps of Hailan House Zhongyin Xiaotian.

But the most important thing is that Benge Men’s believes that these men’s wear brands are not cost-effective and not worth buying, and will discuss the reasons with you in detail later.

2 Father’s size is indescribable

The fathers’ clothes were almost all bought with the help of their mothers, and they couldn’t tell the size. Because of their age, dads have a big belly to some extent, and their bodies are no longer in their early 40s. Many people, although they buy clothes according to the size their mother said, are still not suitable, often the shoulder-fitting clothes waist is too small, and the waist is too long.

Some dads still maintain a good figure in middle age, but like his peers, they are superstitious about wide pants and tops, and if you buy him a well-fitting dress, he will feel as uncomfortable as wearing autumn pants.


The father’s occupation had restrictions on dressing

The concept of my father’s generation is somewhat conservative, and most of them have worked within the system all their lives. Dressing too fashionably can stress dad. Clothes should not be too fancy or too old, such as wearing a Tang vest, which is inappropriate.

In “Ode to Joy”, Guan Guan’s father’s dress is more appropriate

Secondly, the clothes you think look good may not look good in their opinion, and they prefer to buy comfortable, simple and practical clothes, such as more pockets and loose and breathable pants, which may not be paid attention to when you buy clothes. Therefore, it is usually insincere to buy a shirt of one or two hundred, but buying a few thousand clothes for dad often becomes an inventory at the bottom of the box.

In general, dads wear clothes more for comfort, followed by temperament and style. For fathers, it will not hurt to invest more in their children, but they are not willing to spend money on themselves. In fact, children also know that since their parents have worked hard all their lives, they should enjoy life now that they have time and pension.

Benge men believe that if clothes are taboo, Father’s Day can buy dad small gifts that are not easy to make mistakes, such as razors, massage chairs, foot baths, belt and purse of style series, or tea sets of literary series. However, I also heard that there are children who do not know the height of the sky to give tobacco and alcohol to their fathers, so what do you finally decide to give to their fathers?


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