Plant dyeing and creativity: a set of Bodhi hand strings

Traditional Chinese dyeing plants has been passed down for thousands of years, proving that its skills have stood the test of time.

Plant dyeing is not just dyeing cloth, dyeing paper. Almost all natural fibers can be dyed. This has been extended to daily necessities such as bamboo and wood, furniture, and ancient buildings.

From life to art, back to life.

No matter how the times change, skills and art are eternal, but only some forms of expression have changed.

We used to think that traditional things are backward and need to be cleaned up, so that industrialization replaces manual work, and modernity replaces tradition. But reality played a joke on us. Traditional skills seem to be back and have become high-end fashion.

Being is reasonable, and it seems that it is also an immutable truth.

True craftsmanship does not disappear with the times. Only temporarily forgotten, when the right conditions are met, excellent craftsmanship is still excellent. Your uncle is still your uncle!

The cultural and creative industry has also been vigorously blowing the cultural and creative wind over the years. But some cultural toys cannot be solved with transfer seals like some items, and those who transfer traditional elements from one item to another become cultural creativity is simply a joke. No matter how good the ice cream is made, it will melt without leaving a trace.

For cultural creators, following the trend is a manifestation of cowardice, ignorance and incompetence.

The author is not a cultural person, just a traditional dyeer. Times have changed, skills cannot change, and it is instinct and nature to integrate traditional skills into fashion.

This group of Bodhi bracelets is raw white and gives new life to traditional dyeing.

Coral red, amber yellow, cyan gold, dark green are all traditional techniques to achieve.

Although it took a long time, the results were gratifying.

As a result that chemical synthetic dyeing could not do, plant dyeing did it.

Dyes: indigo, hematum, carmine, potato, yellow chestnut, etc

Creative design: Midajia

Hand Dyeing: Chief handyman of the National Dyeing Hall

Xin ugly year in the late spring

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