There are thousands of T-shirts, and this summer is still the most practical to wear these 2, no wonder Liu Wen and Yu Shuxin can’t put it down

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, seriously, this summer, no matter how many styles of skirts and how charming the design, I personally feel that T-shirts are the most versatile and practical to wear, and they are also very comfortable, allowing you to instantly have a casual and cool feeling in the hot summer.

And there are thousands of styles of T-shirts, no matter what skin color and body shape, you can find the one that suits you. At the same time, there are no taboos in terms of collocation, you can wear it alone, you can use it as an underwear, and it matches just right with the lower body pieces of various styles. In all fairness, it’s truly the most versatile summer fashion item, right!

But no matter how good the quality of the T-shirt, after a winter, it will become a little yellow, old, it’s time to buy a few new ones, and this summer, you should start the following 2.

NO.1 Knitted T-shirt

In the past two years, the fashion circle seems to be less and less restrictive in terms of seasons, especially Yang Mi’s “anti-seasonal outfit” with fire in previous years, what sweaters and knitwear in big summer ↓

Or like Xinya and Wang Ziwen, wearing cool short skirts, but with thick boots. Perhaps the word “hot and cold” will never exist for stars and fashion bloggers in the entertainment industry.

So, this year’s T-shirts also have a richer choice in terms of materials. Just a little mix of knitted materials, it immediately attracted the attention of many fashion icons. BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Kim Ji-so have both brought goods for this T-shirt on social platforms.

In fact, don’t think that knitting is thick, and the knitted fabrics combined with T-shirts this year are light and thin. In particular, some also incorporate a hollow design, so it is very breathable. Even if the body skin is more sensitive Jimei to wear, it is refreshing and comfortable, and there is no need to worry about allergies.

It is recommended that when matching, the first choice is solid color, especially the classic black and white colors, Liu Wen and Yao Chen’s recent private outfits, they have invariably chosen a white knitted T-shirt, the former’s small round neck looks very temperamental, and there is a diagonal zipper design at the neckline, very designed.

And Yao Chen’s collocation is very professional, but also more personal. The white knitted T-shirt is embellished with a monogram print on the chest and cuffs, and the matching jeans are also ripped at the sides, and there are pointed heels on the feet. The overall look can be worn to work, and it is no problem to go on a date after work.

The black version is better matched, Ouyang Nana directly wore white wide-leg pants on the lower body, interpreting a comfortable and high-end style, and no one can go wrong with this outfit.

The bright colors that cannot be missed in the summer also appear very well in the knitted T-shirts of female celebrities, and Jin Chen and Song Yi are matched with casual loose jeans, which makes people feel the bright atmosphere of summer.

For young fairies, I personally recommend choosing styles embellished with prints, such as these two by Zhao Lusi and Lin Yun, bright color blocks, and small and fresh print embellishments, mixing and matching cold and warm colors, which can better reflect the girly feeling on their bodies.

Don’t forget the classic striped style, Song Qian’s red and black color-blocking striped knitted T-shirt, with her purple-red lip color shows a sense of nobility and mystery, the whole person looks elegant and beautiful.

For Jimei with ant waist and vest line, at this time you need to choose an open-waisted knitted T-shirt, with high-waisted jeans or a skirt, you can also improve the waist line well, visually lengthen the leg line, and show off your beautiful body.

Of course, you can also consider some design styles, such as puff sleeves from last year’s fire to this year, combined with knitted T-shirts, slightly unbuttoned, secretly rubbing to reveal a little sexy, the overall French style can also be intoxicating.

Wu Xuanyi’s also combines the elements of bow and puff sleeves to look more age-reducing, and the bow decoration on her clothes echoes the hair ornaments on her head, highlighting her sweet and cool temperament.

If you don’t want to deliberately buy a new knitted T-shirt, wear a classic polo shirt directly, like Zhou Dongyu with denim wide-leg pants, you can make you break out of the new realm in minutes, and the combination of sporty style and casual sense is just right.

If you want to add a little more femininity, you can use a polo shirt with a skirt to give people a relaxed feeling, which is just a pair with a skirt to create a sporty fashion.

Many people think that the style of Polo shirt is too low-key, if you want to add some details, it is recommended to overlay some accessories, do not be too pompous, with several earrings, necklaces and the like, the overall fashion can be up several steps.

NO.2 Tie-dye T-shirt

Since the beginning of last year, tie-dye has a strong momentum to return to the fashion circle, and all kinds of bright colors collide together without feeling complicated, allowing you to stand out from the street at once.

In the retro-style environment, the design of tie-dye also looks a little old-fashioned, the color is relatively rich, the color is more eye-catching, and it instantly shows a sense of street, Yu Shuxin’s piece is from the new season of CELINE, does it attract your attention at once?

Another private look, she wore Chanel’s light pink tie-dye T-shirt with a white pleated skirt to create a sweet preppy style, this fresh and cute summer outfit is really loved!

Liu Yuxin, who is in the same group as “Xiao Zuojing”, is also wearing an X-girl tie-dye T-shirt with jeans in the airport street shoot, which is frank and trendy, and the neutral style created by the whole look will be stronger.

In the hot summer, there are no white bottoms that are a good partner with tie-dye T-shirts, whether it is a white short skirt or shorts, pure white, injecting a touch of coolness into the tie-dye that resembles the surface of the sun, and visually, it can also play a role in color balance. Jin Chen and Meng Mei made a good demonstration.

Black and white are similar, and with tie-dye T-shirts, it can also play a role in making the look more realistic.

Similarly, there are blue jeans, and the simple color of tie-dye T-shirts are also a perfect match, denim blue and tie-dye eye-catching mix-and-match, forming a set of refreshing contrast, adding a lot of ritual to the summer.

If the leg shape is well-proportioned enough, like Jennie, a “lower body is missing”, the T-shirt collides with the color of the blue sky and white cloud color stockings, delicate and sweet with a little sexy.

If tie-dye looks too hippie, you can choose a colorful gradient T-shirt, which looks neater than tie-dye. Qi Wei’s this one is made of satin material, which has a sense of premium. The aqua pink gradient and light blue denim wide-leg pants are perfect for summer, simple but beautiful, and the combination of white crest-toe sandals and white nails adds a lot of points to the look.

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