Refreshing non-sticky lotion: absorbs quickly and comfortably reduces pores

Nursery Grapefruit Essence Ultra Moisturizing Lotion

Using grapefruit fruit extract, licorice, peony, wattle and other botanical ingredients, combined with collagen, hyaluronic acid and other beauty ingredients, especially using balanced natural essential oils such as rice fermentation broth, the water is soothing, refreshing and non-sticky

Nature’s Fountain Oil Control Balancing Toner

Helps remove excess sebum, allowing the skin to breathe smoothly and facilitate the absorption of subsequent skin care products. It is highly recommended to wash your face with a warm amino acid cleanser for good results. Regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, effectively smooths, controls excessive oil secretion, regulates the skin, relieves oily troubles, and makes the skin full of vitality.

Flowers can be expected to be pure dew

Pure natural plant-distilled saturated water solution is very gentle on the skin, preservative-free fragrance pigment suitable for all kinds of sensitive skin. Hydrosol can be used as an alternative to toner for daily hydration without fear of skin damage. Not only can it improve the skin problem skin, but also improve the skin’s immunity. Pure natural hydrosol, the best choice for gentle hydration!

Ready to use and easy to carry, the spray replenishes facial moisture after makeup removal, leaving skin feeling less tight and feeling refreshed. It can also be used after exercise, on board an aircraft or in an air-conditioned room to maintain moisture retention in the skin, and can also be sprayed on the face at any time after makeup to moisturize and suitable for any skin type. Sometimes I also use it for secondary cleansing, spraying on the face after cleansing, and then wiping it off with a cotton pad, so that the face is clear and moisturized. It’s so comfortable~

Friefons softening lotion

It feels refreshing, non-sticky and absorbs quickly. Officially, it is okay to apply dry skin to sensitive skin. I think dry skin and above mixing is okay, large oil skin may not work.

Refreshing non-sticky lotion: absorbs quickly and comfortably reduces pores

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